The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT


Sorry, I couldn’t get through much of that. No


Yes only because I’m in a charitable mood.




yes good choice


Free yes


I think you’ve had at least one free yes.



DJ Kj_11 (fourth spin)
SONG #1163 Caruso, by Andrea Bocelli

YES: Kira, Swoodley, Diggers, Deck, LB, PP
NO: Jez, Wimm



No, not into this sorry.

And Teenage Dirtbag getting through might be a new low for the thread. I mean… I can’t even.


I had a rant ready to go, but I can’t be farked anymore.


It was in my house, as frosty jrs spent the evening youtubing “Melbourne Shuffle”


I did it for the lolz.

Everyone else was right?

Well apart from Baker. The songs he gives no’s to and gives that a yes.


Yes I guess


Well… I’d sooner listen to Teenage Dirtbag than 10 minutes of a guitarist tuning up (as we have had in here) if that’s what you mean…


I actually think Two Princes is a better song.




I’d rather listen to ten minutes of someone harking up than Teenage Dirtbag.


Haha, that was the crux of my rant. It seriously is better.


Langers4 got to 4 spins and the crowd was very generous.

We jumped the shark on credibility a looong time ago.


What can I say, I tried and really couldn’t get into it but I suppose vocally it was such a step up from dirtbag that it deserves a yes.

Your report card would read, “KJ continues to try and improve and whilst he has not yet reached satisfactory standard there has been considerable improvement”. image


Yes KJ. Nice change up.