The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT


Oh the song? I thought you were talking about PP2’s selfie.


Everyone else is doing it these days.


I wanna fight that selfie.


There’s a line. Diggers is first.


You and @Diggers can gang up on him.

Dammit PP2. You were too quick.


lol, you’ve yessed 5 out of 6 songs and the other you didn’t vote on.

you must have putrid tastes


Just goes to show you - I have no farkin idea what I’m doing.


All good, neither do i.


I’m out until people start voting on the actual song.


Is the banter annoying you or do you mean something else? Not trying to influence the vote, but one more yes means i play another song and move closer to my doom. Been stuck here for a long time.


I appreciate that you’ve been waiting to spin again and I sympathise.




This song starts with at least 1 pre-preemptive yes vote from Kira, which it would have needed anyway TBH, but with the saltiness in here today, it is all the more valuable.



yeah, ok.


Seriously.Mrs frosty will kill me if I don’t give the gypsy king’s a yes.


Have a charitable NO


A day full of sooking, cheap shots, overly sensitive b*tches and salt?


OK Yes, ready to say no but those deep swaying guitars got me.




DJ Kj_11 (seventh spin)
SONG #1166 My Way, by Gypsy Kings

YES: Kira, Deck, Frosty, Up,
NO: Crazy, Rain