The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT




That’s the first song in your set that I’ve enjoyed. (A bag of shit like Teenage Dirtbag getting through, fk me)



Always liked this but never knew who or what. Yes.

And gee, Jez took his angry pills this morning.


If he took the pills, Chop mainlined it. He’s going all out war in other threads today.


I suspect he is missing his time in the nudist colony. You are always welcome to return, Jez-san. :laughing:


I did notice that in the trade thread. Shooting from both hips.




Situation normal mate. I call BS when I see it and there’s plenty to see around here…

No to another steaming ■■■■ heap of a song.


And if all else fails, just lob up at PP2’s joint. I’m sure he has enough Charlie there to actually convince you to start liking house music. :rofl:


Where is this house you speak of???



Charlie Sheen don’t have enough bag to convince me to like house music.


You know the area well I hear. This was the snap of you on the last visit.



Rain back in the day…



Not that you would share a rolled up bank note with Sheen these days anyway. :wink:

@Preliminary_Point2 - damn you. Cover blown. After I finish up at Soapland, I’d better go and visit my plastic surgeon. :laughing:




You misheard me. When I said my past was filled with coke and models, what I meant was I had modeled for coke.



Yeah, right, and I’m the Easter Bunny. :rabbit:




Didn’t mind that.
The rest of your set has been putrid.