The Reigning DJ King (MKIV) is @Kj_11 mixin EDM on RDT


The problem with D12 is everything that isn’t Eminem. Anything off Marshall Mathers LP would’ve been an auto yes but for this, and given it’s 8-3, you get an expedient yes



Now 9-2


counted hambo twice…


DJ Kj_11 (eighth spin)
SONG #1167 Purple Pill, by D12

YES: Kira, Frost, LB, Jez, Peos, Rain, Digg, Klaw, Chop
NO: ham, Bomberabroad





If that doesn’t cheer @mrjez up, nothing will.


Expedient yep


@Kj_11 spin




If I can just get one EDM tune through on RDT it will have been a good day.


Yep classic.

The old gatecrasher cd’s used to get played a bit back in the day. This was on just about everyone of them.






Yes, indeed.

I can already feel the urge to overshare.


How many days have you been going KJ?


He’s two and a half days in


Feels like weeks.


Yeap started late Monday night. Tuesday was good, but yesterday dragged. Thought today would go quicker either way. It’s strange, the graveyard shift used to be slow, but it has been getting the most punters in.

Hope it doesn’t count against me. :cry:


Have I voted NO for this horrific POS?

If not, NO.


I enjoyed that. yes