The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff





And we’ll done @swoodley for your set.


Atrocious. First ball yes.


Thanks for the kind feedback guys.

I was pretty happy with that set. I just played songs that I really like…never expected to get either Sirenia or Rush through.

The funny thing was that for all the comments about long songs, the song I eventually got booted out on was probably the shortest one I played. Go figure eh!


I like to think @Diggers drives a 1970s panel van with “Thunderpussy” written on the side, along with drawings of scantily clad women in provocative poses. And I’d hoped he would be listening to My Sharona on repeat as he cruised up and down the main street looking for fights. But, I suppose he’s also got have appropriate songs for when he’s enjoying female company in the back of his van.

Free YES


It was probably your least ■■■■ one too. :wink:


I visualise him in a clapped out Datsun, with a homemade bong made from an empty Powerade bottle and some garden hose on the backseat, hidden under numerous junk food wrappers, boxing, tennis and Hustler magazines. Hilarious yes for his first song.


Ha! It looks like my images of DJ King participants are more flattering than yours :slight_smile:

But, I think we can both agree that Diggers definitely has a moustache, the kind that the p.orn dudes wore back in the seventies. Right?


This is pretty much why I love(d) the eighties so much.
Space Invaders go piew piew piew krrrrrr to this flannelette around a campfire song.




yes although the lip synch was atrocious


Not how I envisage him but still had a giggle.


Yes, because it actually does remind me of getting around & looking out the window on long country drives of my parents Datsun when I was a little tacker.


DJ Diggers (first spin)
SONG #1391 Stumbling in, by Norman and Quatro

YES: Hoffy, Klaw, Anast, Kira, Rain, LB, Kj
NO: wimm



Unfortunately it led me into some Bob Hudson and Maureen Elkner, ■■■■ knows how.


Yep. Suzi was Suzi in her day.




Rush wants to fight Chris Norman and @Diggers

Me…I’ll just vote NO


Can the Can would have got a yes.
Not terrible or a duet, though.


Can can Flashback