The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


First ball yes. Probs the first ever one direction song I’ve ever listened to and probably the last one.


Word, LB. Well said.

Music is uniquely personal. It often takes us on an emotional (& for some) spiritual journey. Very much language of the soul.

Unlike many punters in here, I have never studied music, nor have I ever learnt how to play a musical instrument (outside of turntables). I often feel way out of my depth when the technical jargon starts flowing between the musos, however, I also enjoy the educational aspect of it.

A fairly turbulent & rebellious childhood meant that punk & metal made sense. Grunge arrived. Was introspective & appealed to my Gen X sensibilities. Dance/electronic music was just a sheetload of fun when I was a yuppie hedonist. Music has meant different things to me at various stages of my life. As a 40-something punter, I recognise that I now enjoy a broad spectrum of tunes. Some days you are feeling it & other days you aren’t. I listened to a magnificent cello piece from the fantastic movie, Okuribito (Departures), at 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday morning, after a 15 hour day at work & almost cried. Music does that. It moves us in magical ways.

You’ve been an incredible sport over the journey. I dig your open-mindedness. And I recognise that you are separated from family for long stretches of time, so you are perhaps moved by or enjoy certain aspects of music that are prolly lost on me at times. If you had of played a Justin Belieber song, I would have crucified it, regardless of how good your sob story was, however, these young men seem more authentic than him. Not a fan of this, but I note the songwriting merit & you deserve a yes any day of the week, LB.

p.s. No, I don’t want you to burn & post me a copy. :wink:




Wunderbar was personal :sob:


I just listened to it again now. In my current mood, I’d yes that. Timing is everything in this wacky thread. :smile:

p.s. Echo & the Bunnymen still stings a bit. I copped that avatar for a while. It kinda grew on me in the end. :grin:


Those tunes would get through easily these days. They were difficult times.


These times are also challenging. :wink:


Due to LB’s One Direction passion I took the effort to really “listen”. It wasn’t the worst track and let’s face it, if it was sung by the Ginger Jesus (Ed) I’d probably sing along with it in the car with the kids.

But c’mon…it’s One Direction!!!



No. Please No.


Its first ball right?


But it’s an underarm.


I made it thru to the end, yep


How did JohnRain find a way to slide his autobiography into someone else’s set?




I finally listened and it turns out I’ve heard that song heaps. No, not my thing.


:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


You repeatedly listen to a song you dislike? Righto.


Yes it is!


Haha, some stuff is unavoidable. You don’t listen, you hear it.


I’ts been all over Commercial radio, Ive heard it a lot too, because you don’t always get to control the radio dial.