The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff

At least you played something none of us had ever heard. It would be perhaps better if we could vote for a song without knowing the artist/title and then the bias wouldn’t come into play.


I was trying to bring Crazy into the game. His vote could have gone either way.

Spartan is the Ted Bundy of the thread. High probability that his vote would involve a slaying - which it did. Why wouldn’t you wanna see a fair and thrilling ending rather than that?

Too right I am pi##ed off.

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To paraphrase another great song, Don’t cry for me all you spinners, the truth is I knew it would lose.

As such it is not a first spin loss that worries me, but I was delighted it went down to the line, seems there are some DJ’s that will vote yes to commercial crap.

I think that @Mackster hasn’t stepped up in a long time so he’s my first nom and if he doesn’t show Uncle Chop @choppsuey and @Deckham can duel it out. First to bleed loses.

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Should be you can’t go out first ball like in backyard cricket rules.

While that would be nice, having that free first shot really would make it open slather for some truly horrendous ■■■■ to be played. It’s bad enough as it is without encouraging the worst of them to play even worse songs than they usually do. :joy::wink:


What is this a nanny thread? Everyone gets a participation ribbon?

Nope, it is part of the charm/challenge of this thread. A fine line.


FWIW the summon was appreciated, but superfluous. I checked this thread in the morning when the vote was 8-8. Listened, then was busy at work and came back to check.

That’s cool. I didn’t mind the slaying per se. Just the sucker punch method used when the fight was in the balance. I noticed that you were offline, so I was wondering where the last vote would come from and how it would fall. It didn’t matter in the end.

Hush your mouth there Diggers. Country never deserves to get booted. :grinning:

Next time around, I will play you a country number that is so awful, it will push your love of the genre to the limit.

Much like songs in this thread, I have heard some truly horrendous country, but I still step up for more. I’m a glutton for punishment.

It’s the truly bad ones that live long in the memory & linger across multiple threads, nobody really remembers the good ones. Apart from a few musical expert types who “add it to their play list”.

Another great part of this thread. :joy:

You play the game with good grace LB. :peace_symbol: :vulcan_salute:

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No one will forget “Whatzupwitu” by Eddie Murphy + Michael Jackson.


Alright, seems no one else is around. I’ll have a spin.

Awesome decky! Yes


One Direction rated more highly than Stevie Ray Vaughan FFS

Did this really happen??

Uh huh, Stevie Ray’s Little Wing 8-10


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Stevie ray caught in a thread vortex