The Reigning DJ King (MKV) @Preliminary_Point2...playing some stuff


Is Rave Thursday back on again?


Hammer-reference YES


Is that a repeat spin??? Pretty sure Something Good’s been played before, just not sure if it was the original version or this 2008 version.

In any case, Utah Saints’ original version craps all over this pointless, inferior one from a great height.

Yes, for Kate Bush.


The original version has been played (from memory). This is a fun version, though.

Edit: Checked the spreadsheet & couldn’t find it. From memory, it was a live version, so may be listed under the DJ name.


Of course, yes.

Edit: oh, posts hadn’t loaded, I thought I was voting for Bronski. Oh well, keep the yes.



We Love Sounds at Docklands about 2008.






Spin again, @Kj_11


I played the Utah Saints original, and true to DJK form, was told I should’ve played Kate Bush instead. But if I’d played Cloudbusting, someone would’ve told me to play Running Up that Hill.


Nah, Babooshka all the way. Bonus yesses if it included the clip too…


Apologies, there was a fat finger ■■■■ up with my typing and it was in the spreadsheet as Utag Saints. It has been corrected.


Yeah i went looking for it by artist and it didn’t come up, in my hurry i posted, sincerest apologies to the DJ King traditionalists.

I generally vote no on repeat spins, technically it was a different version. Bonus that i thought he clip was fun.


We all know the song, this clip just made me laugh. Been spending some time looking at the beer thread, it’s a hot day and this is ordinary beer, but anything will taste good above 35 degrees.

@AVanderScreamer you’re up after this.


For the chuckle.
At outdated stereotyping.


That’s funny, but um, nah.


Great ad.

But I have to vote no. Especially when I have to go to work and can’t indulge in a frosty ale or 2.


I’m happy to go next but giving you a yes to allow you to make amends for that pick.


Ha Ha. My work shift has been swapped from tonight to tomorrow. I think I’ll have a beer now. yes


Due to my normal disdain for all things television, I had never seen that before. For that reason and for Neil Diamond, who is a legend amongst ugly men for landing Christie Brinkley you can have a yes for the smile you put on my dial.


edit: Wasn’t Neil Diamond was Billy Joel that married Brinkley. Don’t know what I was thinking when I typed that tripe. Damn, can’t change my vote now. Still, like Neil too.