The roof at Etihad

Who decides whether the roof is closed or open for games?

I remember thinking before the Brisbane game that I didn’t like the idea of the roof open, not because of the sun, or the wind or anything like that but purely for the fact that the roof closed completely plays into our style of play.

We have 4 of the last 6 games at Etihad, i’d be almost inclined to say if the roof is closed we win all 4, and then just have to beat Carlton and/or Gold Coast to solidify our finals spot.

BTW, for those at the game, is the roof opened or closed?


Half open it. That way everyone is sh*tty.

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Lost to Melbourne under the closed roof. Flogged West Coast under the open roof. Flogged Port under the closed roof. Lost to Brisbane under th open roof.


It’s a conspiracy I tells ya.