The run home

“Just watch us win a few games to end the season and finish 12th”.

Such an Essington thing to do or a reflection of our draw?

Where do you see us finishing up?


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Away final specialists

My house is on top of a hill. I hate the run home.


sure, but the run away from home must be good

Yes, but the view from the top is worth the effort is it not?

not sure how i feel about us tossing the gameplan and going ‘man on man’ if by some luck the original game plan started working, play da kidz.

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I honestly don’t care how many more games we win this season - it’s just about getting games into the kids now. FWIW I think we’ll win 3-4 more and end up 12th or 13th.

Yeah but look at the teams with the 3 easiest draws. They’re the teams we’re competing for 16th with

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Even if our form does get a fair bit better, we might not change our spot much.

Eg Squiggle (which goes off some probability sort of function thing) has us winning 4, losing 5 more, ending up 7W 15L & still finishing 16th.
I’ve done a run through and got similar.

It looks likely around 4-5 sides will finish on 7 or 8 wins.

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The view is spectacular. Straight out across Eltham all the way to the Dandenongs.

Less than 11 days to go!

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yep, for me it’s about

  1. playing the way we need/want to play in the future. And if that means taking things back a bit to build up consistency then go for it.
  2. Playing our future players as much as possible.

If that means we get wins - great.

If it means we are playing good footy and losing then that’s fine. As long as we are addressing those two points.


Top 3 teams have had the easiest draws (I guess in part because they can’t play themselves), meanwhile we have had the hardest draw by almost double.

15 th

not to point fingers at you here jr78 but the argument you’ve made is exactly why this kind of “analysis” is patently insane to try and derive any meaning from

teams who win games tend to be higher on the ladder than teams that lose games. so putting any kind of measure on past difficultly has to, by design, ignore the cause of teams being high/low on the ladder.

-edit- of course it appears as though we had a hard fkn draw. it’s because we fkn lost games! if we fkn won games, we’d be higher on the ladder, and the draw would fkn appear easier!

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Only games i’m remotely interested in winning are:

Teams I thoroughly dislike who absolutely need to win. If we could snag 1 or even 2 of them I’d be happy. Have very little interest in result of other games.

I reckon we will win another 3 games(WC,North and either GC or Pies), but hopefully still finish bottom 4 and get a sweet draft pick

The run home

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Don’t the Pies have 4 should-win games in the next 4? How the actual ■■■■ are they gonna somehow drop below us?

EDIT: Disregard!