The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming

Also had a great Euro 2004.

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Good change for us then.

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depends, has woods goal kicking improved since early season ?
if not then it’s probably a bad thing for us he’s out, missed 3 or so easy shots last time around .

Can’t see us winning this. North by plenty
Missing heppell and bellchambers big outs

strugged against giant and swans (two teams in poor form)

north fired up because of what we did to them lsat time + good etihad record

slow death today . season over .

Absolutely unloaded a couple of k’s on north at 1.80

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Arrived @ Marvel, all settled

Apparently only standing room available

Good. Hope you lose your $


lol. Your first post on here is a gloomer post. You’ll fit right in. Welcome.

How can we possibly win this game? We have been dominated our last two games. North will kill us :frowning:

big game for Zac “Polly” Clarke today. Must halve the contest! Didn’t look great last week. Not looking good!

They may well do. But…

They may have an off day
The hype may get to them
Our run and gun might click today
Walla and co may have a stand out game.

That’s how!

Your high school English teacher is rolling in their grave

So we are not worthy or capable of this win because we beat an out of form GWS and Sydney. But North are gonna smash us because they beat a injury decimated Richmond and Collingwood and then the Suns and Saints.
Logic is not prevailing in this argument. It’s a genuine 50/50 game.


No more parking at Marvel unless you have pre paid…

L3 wing GA (city side) already full. Space dockside and behind goals.

I wonder if I can handle watching Clarke vs Goldstein today. Have a feeling it will be even worse than last week.

He’s posted here plenty.
That’s Donnington.


In the ground and ready for my overpriced beer.

Some of the boys are warming up on the ground. No one suss out there, I think. I left my glasses at home so can’t see them clearly, so don’t ask.

More beer should sharpen the vision up by game time. Pumped. Fark Norf.

Announcer just said GA is sold out.


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