The selected team vs Norf (2019 round 17): no change, but shenanigans with the VFL team naming

B – Mason Redman, Cale Hooker, Martin Gleeson
HB – Matt Guelfi, Michael Hurley, Adam Saad
C – Conor McKenna, Zach Merrett, David Zaharakis
HF – Andrew McGrath, Jayden Laverde, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
F – Orazio Fantasia, Mitch Brown, Dylan Clarke
R – Shaun McKernan, Dylan Shiel, Darcy Parish
Interchange – Zac Clarke, Jake Stringer, Aaron Francis, Kyle Langford
Emergencies – Will Snelling, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, Michael Hartley, Brayden Ham

EDIT: Hartley and Ham are not named in the VFL team???


No Hepp, no hope!



how come we never have one of players bob up and have a career game out of the blue kick 5 or 6 and then go back to normal…i guarantee someone from north will


No changes. We have got this.

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Woosh backing in some underperforming players as he always seems to do. Time to respond.

Unchanged is a good thing generally however

We can beat these tin rattling peasants, they aren’t as good as the media is pumping them up to be.

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TIME to smash these ■■■■■. A club who’s legend is someone who ■■■■■■ his best mates wife. Sums them up really. Peasants


North would probably say that about McKernan.


We haven’t really had a match where everything goes right yet. We usually get 1 or 2 per year, lets hope its this week.


North the first time around? Lions game?


Clarke will get murdered by Goldy

We need Hooker to play Forward as a tall target so Tippa and Fanta can at least swoop otherwise we can’t kick a big enough score against them and their midfield and clearance work

Snelling it Hams should have come it to change up the side a bit. Langford or Laverne could have been dropped

I think we will get smashed around the contest. Can’t see us winning this game. Surely Snelling would be a massive improvement on Dylan Clarke?

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VFL team: OUT Hartley and Ham… this is no longer boring!

Without Hep i think we will struggle on the inside, but we cause them all sorts of issues with our speed in open play


Clarke has been brilliant!!

Tagger who gets Cunningham!!


As well as glasses his misses. And tries to beat up female cops”

And their other “shinboner” hero has a penchant for jumping the fence at junior footy games and wacking blokes and begging to criminal convictions to be overturned.




I’m OK with unchanged. Would’ve loved for Dys to get up but there’s no point in playing him if he’s not right. We still have a good team picked. Massive game, North are in far better shape now than when we played them on a Good Friday. They will be desperate to atone for that performance, so we must be ready for the contest from the first bounce. Win and we are 9-7 and in great shape heading to Adelaide. Drop this and we are 8-8, back in that pack with North and Freo. We can enhance our own top 8 chances whilst ending North’s. Can’t wait!


Positives: Hurley and Hooker are playing.
Negative: no Snelling.

Clarke was pretty good in his first couple of games (this season), though he has has not been sighted since. Snelling would gain more meaningful possessions and if needed, i’m sure he would be able to run with a player such as *Cunnington.