The Team: The Fridge is back - ESSENDON v FREMANTLE @ MRVL , 7:25pm AEST Saturday, May 18, 2019

Walla looking sharp with his goal kicking practice, especially his dribble kicks. He’ll have a big night.

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Fanta see ya.


I think we will win by 20

Get off to a good start and we will be fine. Fremantle aren’t a high scoring team, out pressure on them early and they will have to attack more which will play into our hands

Our season is on the line tonight and the players know it.

If we bring the right mindset we will win.

Hooker must start forward, we desperately need another marking target up forward.

sorry to be negative but only tuning in to see what slop essendon dish up tonight

If we are loosing by 1/4 time I’m flicking over to these guys

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They should be bringing the right mindset to every game.

Do we know if Billy lost his number?

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TBH I can’t recall being this underwhelmed an hour or so before a Bombers game
Last Friday night sucked on so many levels and I’ve found it easier to live with supporting such an inconsistent team (over so many consecutive seasons) to have a degree of “meh”.
Otherwise walking out of the SCG I’d have decked so many smart mouth Shitney supporters it wouldn’t have been funny

FMD EFC what have you done to me :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m sure I’ll get amped up soon


You can get $6 for a Freo win and Fyfe 31 or more disposals.

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Has Leigh Sales stopped crying for long enough to do political interviews?

$1.90 for Fyfe to get angry with the crowd booing him and throw another elbow.

Anyone at the game? Any pre game snippets like our forwards are out there practising shots at goal??

I was jaded after we stunk up the 1970s. I am starting to feel like that again. We sure stunk up the 2010s so far.


can’t make it tonight and I have the feeling I’ve left my baby inside a hot car.
c’mon dons show us that you are fair dinkum and give us fans something to look forward too! next 3 weeks are huge for this club


Getting in early so I don’t have to merge/unmerge four threads: