The team vs Port - 2020 round 17

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The selectors need to be stood against a wall and shot.


Called it.
Not the ins but the outs.
So whatever happens is…my fault?
Yeah, I’m just arrogant enough to pull that off.

Anyway, be afraid, blitzers.
Be very afraid.

Essendon regains Joe Daniher but loses Dyson Heppell and Michael Hurley among five changes to face the Power.

Just now

Essendon regains Joe Daniher but loses Dyson Heppell and Michael Hurley among five changes to face the Power.

Essendon has regained Joe Daniher but lost Dyson Heppell and Michael Hurley to injury for Saturday’s clash with Port Adelaide at Adelaide Oval.

Hurley has an inflamed ankle joint, while Heppell will undergo surgery to fix an issue with a screw in the ankle he fractured in June.

Irving Mosquito (ACL) and omitted pair Cale Hooker and Mason Redman also exit the side which lost to Geelong on Sunday, with Tom Cutler , Brayden Ham , Mitch Hibberd and Andrew Phillips joining Daniher as inclusions.

Senior coach Worsfold shed some light on Heppell’s latest setback.

“‘Hepp’'s ankle has still been a little bit irritated over the last couple of weeks,” Worsfold said.

“On investigation, there’s a screw that was put in his ankle when he had his initial surgery, which is causing some irritation. He’ll need some surgery to address that.”

Worsfold also explained the decision to omit Hooker.

“It’s just around form. He’s not at the level we know he can play at,” he said.

“There’s been a number of games over short breaks, and we know he missed a big chunk of footy prior to that, so we felt he wasn’t going to be able to perform at the level we require.”

Essendon and Port Adelaide will go head-to-head from 5:05pm AEST, with the action shown live on Fox Footy.


Backs: Jordan Ridley, Brandon Zerk-Thatcher, Martin Gleeson
Half-backs: Adam Saad, Devon Smith, Mitch Hibberd
Centre: Tom Cutler, Zach Merrett, Kyle Langford
Half-forwards: Jake Stringer, Joe Daniher, Brayden Ham
Forwards: Will Snelling, James Stewart, Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti
Followers: Sam Draper, Dylan Shiel, Jacob Townsend
Interchange: Andrew Phillips, Matt Guelfi, Dylan Clarke, Darcy Parish
Emergencies: Josh Begley, Mason Redman, Cale Hooker, Kobe Mutch

If that’s our ‘depth’, it’s horrific.

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Cutler ffs


Feeling very sorry for Hepp. It’s been a nightmare for him.



I’m happy with the team

Lots of youth, we are going to get flogged anyway so let’s give them a crack

Hibberd one more shot to see if he’s useful


Worsfold openly saying that Hooker is omitted due to form. Wow.


So the club finally makes a statement now.



Best half of the year (2nd against Hawks) it was Zerk and Riddles in defence and they just backed themselves to win it from the centre

It’s not going to work but fark it… what do we have to lose?

Hep so cooked.
We can’t keep having 2 million is the Cap in the pine. Time to make some tough choices.


Centre: Tom Cutler, Zach Merrett, Kyle Langford

Followers: Sam Draper, Dylan Shiel, Jacob Townsend

Big bodied mids!
Again, not exactly what I said but…woah, creepy.

Starting to think the selectors have just said, ‘righto, this jerk thinks he knows everything…’

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That is our depth & with so many injuries that’s about where we are. Hope they crack in- that’s all we can ask after last week’s abysmal effort.

100+ points coming up.


That’s the most putrid team selection I’ve ever seen. I can only assume that Francis is still not 100% otherwise he’d walk into that defence with no Hooker, Hurley or Redman. Zerk and Riddles will have to be the key backs. Charlie Dixon will be licking his chops at the prospect of having either Zerk or Riddles on him…


Lol dropping Hooker. The only one that bleeds red and black. Well done


Cutler & Hibberd​:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

He’s finished

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