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He did another one about Sudanese gangs at a railway station, but nothing about violence by white gangs.


Too right, … he should have drawn her as a white girl throwing a tanty instead, …


im not sure thats the point, its the way she is depicted (for me anyway), looking at a lot of knights cartoons he seems to depict people of african descent the same way… perhaps its just an antiquated quirk of his style of cartoon


Not white.
But less of an African savage would have been good.
All that’s missing is some neck rings and a spear.


Can’t she just throw a gun?


Another topic that goes to explain the
“Diggers is Stuuuuppppiiiiiiiiidddddddd”


That reminds me…


If she’s in a comedy and she’s run out of bullets, sure.


I don’t know if I’d go that far, but clearly there is some exaggeration of some features, such as the lips, … but isn’t that what cartoons are all about?

Is drawing caricatures racist? Or only if it’s a caricature of someone non white?


C’mon, in that case any caricature is racist, because it accentuates racial features.
She IS of African decent, she DOES look African. Does she want to be depicted as less African? Do spear throwing Africans look different to other Africans?

She lost her cool and is being ridiculed for it. The cartoonist is making fun of her tantrum, not her heritage.

Pretty sure Trump and John Howard and most people don’t like their caricatures when they are being ridiculed, stiff ■■■■.


Um yes?
It is?

If that’s ‘just how he draws black people’ then he Really should stop drawing black people.

I’d hate to see ‘just how he draws Jewish people.’


We know he doesn’t know how to draw Japanese/Haitian girls. Unless they’re typically of pale skin with blond hair. …


The caricature doesn’t look Anything like Williams!



Racist? not racist?


I don’t accept that a caricature is suddenly racist dependent on the colour/race of the individual being caricatured.


Here’s a good one

If the person it’s aimed at feels like it’s racist, it’s racist.

In this case, a great number of african american people are finding it offensive.

So… it is.


Already covered that.
He’s not drawing a caricature of Williams, not in any way like the pics you’ve posted.




I’ll quote this

Of course the caricature is racist


Race doesn’t come into racism? Sure.

But when you make a black person look like an ape, 4 times the size of the other characters, you really should put your pen down.


Larry Pickering would be burned at the stake (if alive & working today).