The Tennis thread


Don’t mind what Wimby have done by having a normal one at 12-12.

Not a fan of this at all


Its a wise decision. Once a fifth set goes past 10 all its nearly always a soft victory for the Winners next opppnent.


It’s not the 5th set that won’t go past 10 all, it’s the fifth set tie-break, which is played at 6 games all.


Loved the marathon matches. They have ruined it.

Def shouldn’t play the final with a tie breaker.


reread my post.


Oh I see what you mean. I thought you were confusing 10 games with 10 point tie-breakers, but selecting 10 games all was just a coincidence.


I waited for Federer till 12.30 am at flushing meadows one year. The game before was the wemons which went to massive tie breaker to injury etc.
It was worth it just to say I’ve seen Federer play.


Awesome :ok_hand:

And I think the late nights it’s part of the tradition. Tests body and mind.

I think it’s a shocking decision to lose the advantage set in the decider.


Federer treating a poor brit with contempt. He’ll go deep into the Aus Open again. No question.


@diggers’ tennis wet dream has come true


Oh my…

Was there to see it live.

Oh my…


Serena’s juggernauts are so big they must be getting in the way.

Oh my…


At any stage, did you contemplate an emulation of Peter H*re, Diggers? :grin:


Our seats were so far back that a court invasion would have been impractical.

This may be from before your time @JohnRain but we have a way of measuring how keen an individual is to put a fantasy into action should the opportunity present.

Gruelling three setter + doubles encounter, no shower required, in the car park.

That’s the highest ranking there is

You don’t need to take a shower, Serena, I know what I’m doing…

Oh my…


It sounds as if she has already received a good ‘Rogering’, Digs. :wink:


Oh my…


I’d like to give B Bencic some ‘encouragement’ in the locker room, too just quietly.


Yeah wow not creepy at all




You’re all welcome.