The Tennis thread


Europeans have a different concept of distance, and these days a lot of them have limited funds.


Not for soccer they don’t


What a shot to win the set


Apples and Oranges.
Soccer is very tribal and the lifeblood of most towns and cities.


Despite this, I reckon I’ve still seen quite a few Serie A matches with few people in the crowd. Outside England and the well known European sides, I wouldn’t think attendance numbers would be crash hot.


I like The French Open and I also like Aceman but I’m not sure I like some of his going early predictions.
Then again I like the fact he doesn’t sit on the fence when making early predictions.

I also like beer and Ash Barty winning tonight.


God, French can’t stand Nadal haha.


Serie A numbers are down due to cost and the monopoly Juve have on the league. I love Juve but it needs other sides to be competitive and even win the league to get some passion back amongst fans. In most other European leagues I believe crowd figures are up on the whole


Crucial break back for Rafa


Happens with monotonous regularity for Federer against Nadal - seems to always break back immediately.


Well, … There’s nothing much worse in Tennis than watching “Rafa” play, … except watching him play on Clay.

Painful exercise that is.


Game over


Rafa breaks after being 40-0 down


I get that his antics annoy plenty of people but watching him play is pure poetry. He does things out on court that I’ve never seen done before. I could watch him all day on any surface


And there is the second set


Roger not playing badly, Rafa just playing godly.


Rafa passing him at will and has noticeably gone up a gear




Nice, solid win by Rafa but he will need to do more if he meets Novak in the final


Did you read much Dr Seuss as a child