The Terry Wallace Super Flood

Found this on YouTube.
Nothing new but was interesting nonetheless!



Gees it was a coaches game back then. Just the discussion of both coaches making tough decisions during a match, is unheard of these days.

If the equivalent happened these days… the coach would let it play out, and ‘wait & see’ how the players respond to such a tactic.

Thing I remember most is Moorcroft belting Libba at half time after Barnes cleaned up Johnson.

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Good YouTube channel that one.
Don’t even want to think about how much work goes into all those drawings.

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Bulldogs are such a rubbish club


Just scumbags

Loved seeing moorcroft come off the bench to belt libba


Easy to combat the super flood.

We just position Noah (Gown) in the arc.

I’ll get my (rain) coat…


on a serious note, the “handball happy” tactic we began to adopt basically paved the way for the Weagles vs Swans rivalry

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Dear me, 20 years on the face of some of those fresh faced common potatoes C2000 really has not done them any favors.

I was there, very frustrating night.

I’m convinced that the game against Carlton the Friday night before took a bit out of us, 90K crowd, massive effort to beat the Blues that night.


Best part is that Gaz played the next week so obviously didn’t get suspended for it!

The good old days! “He hit who? Ah, unfortunately we just don’t have enough any conclusive proof to report him…”

Footscray were not a bad team and the came to us in the middle of a great patch of form in which they’d knocked off several higher-placed teams. We on the other hand had been up for so long that we were overdue for a loss.

I was there, and I remember feeling two things. The major one was, Thank God we lost that game and won’t go into the Grand Final undefeated, and the other was a bit of worry that the loss might take all the wind out of our sales and cause us to fall in a heap. In fact we were a bit tentative the following week although we still won, and then we were 100% primed for the first final against North.


I’m actually kinda glad the Dogs finally won a flag, because prior to that happening, every major interaction I had with a Footscray supporter brought up this effing game.

Good for you, have a medal.


Geez, we only just scraped home in that final against North…


Geez that 2000 team was intimidating, even a bloke that was barely 170cm in Moorcroft was a scary fcker

The downfall of watchable football.

This game is further proof that they should have been expelled from the AFL competition and not rebranded into some silly attempt at being regionally relevant. They’ve always been a drain on the competition.

And the flog Brad Johnson needs to wiped out again, this time permanently.

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