The Triple S - shower, Sh%#t, Shave

So ladies and gents assuming Jackets can get all three over the line what does having Stringer, Smith and Saad do for us?

From the outside looking in:

I am not confident Stringer is up for the task of playing midfield. Potentially he puts pressure on Stewart for his spot or sends Hooksy into defence.

Saad will allow our number one pick to move onto a wing with increased midfield time. Tick!!! Do we think they bloke is a good one on one defender like McGrath? I doubt anyone will be that good.

Smith - The guy like Goddard has said he wants to come to us due to our rehab program and to play midfield. Can this guy be a contested player?


Who showers then ■■■■■?


yeah think he got em ■■■■ about

Haha, used to be the five esses, the other two being shampoo and shoeshine. Let’s see … Stewie Crameri and Somebody Else.


Its sh*t shave shower!


FB Bags Ambrose Gleeson
HB McKenna Hurley SAAD
HF Fantasia Daniher Tippa
FF Stewart Hooker Green

Ruck Belly Hepp Parish

Bench SMITH, Langford, Goddard, Merrett

That is some serious pace and running power. Big bodies in Hepp, Stringer, Lang, Lav and a small yard running fast brigade that no team can go with. Throw in a fit and firing Francis for Baggers and we have a monster team!


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Goddard to the twos? And Zmerrett

Lol at literally leaving out our best player.


Don’t forget Sloane.

Not going to happen.


Hahaha, oops

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FB Baguley Ambrose Gleeson
HB McKenna Hurley SAAD
C McGrath Heppell Zaharakis
HF Stewart Daniher Tippa
FF Fantasia Hooker Stringer
Ruck Belly Parish Zerrett
Bench Goddard, Smith

Gleeson probably earns best 22 based on swans final. just depends on how tall we go back. Francis/Ridley/Hartley/Hooker all options.
Fighting for last couple of spots

  • Franics / Langford/Laverde/Begley/Ridley /Green /Myers / Colyer

Two of them come straight in for players leaving the best 22, Watson and Kelly. Bring in the third for either Colyer or Myers who we all wanted dropped, and you’ve improved the best 22 without having to move any of the deckchairs around.

(e.g. Saad in for Kelly, Stringer and Smith in for Colyer and Watson and rotating through the F50/wing/inside midfield with Raz).

Of course, then there are our own youngsters like Begley and Langford who may push for positions.

What about sex!