The truth, MKII

I dont care of the scoreline tonight, Richmond gave up

Ill preface this by saying im not suprised

This whole fucken club, from X, to lindsay tanner (who?) To zac merrett, to john worsfold, to Dyson heppell, do not give a fk about this club. If any of the blokes above did, there would already be changes that we all know will happen. Whether its this week, in a month, or the end of season. We all know whats coming. Rip the bandaid off right now, please. This club owes us supporters, what a absolute disgrace we have been, on and off field for years

I cannot understand how anyone, ANYONE at this club is not utterly disgusted at this club. I am absolutely ashamed to be a essendon supporter right now. That kills me to say that.

I could list a million examples of how pathetic we are, but i will give ONE example. Myers and heppell after Sydney loss. I do not give a fk what “context” it was, that one image sums up our football club. A joke. Any type of leader would have been gutted. Joke about it 20 seconds after the siren? Yeah, you guys must br gutted

Ask yourself the question. When, over the last 16 years have you truly believed we are on the right path? In my adult life i have NEVER deep down believed we are in the right path. Im 30 now

I support this club with my life. I have a essendon tattoo, i plan my life around this club. I guarantee you, i hurt more than any fucken person at this club right now. If someone said to me, you can live homeless for the rest of your life and essendon will be a successful side over the next 10 years, I’d start eating scraps off the street. Id give my life for this club to be successful, my God there are supporters now who are 15-16 years of age who have only ever experienced us being sh*t and the saga. Think about that

I want a club who is ruthless. Did anyone watch tonight who though worsfold will win us a flag? Answer that. NO. MOVE HIM ON, RIGHT NOW. Its so obvious, why wait? Give me ONE good reason why worsfold, the current coaching staff and admin (Harvey, skipworth, Richardson, tanner, Campbell, to name a few) should remain. Seriously, for the long term success, why should any of them guys remain? All have proven to us they do not have what it takes, if they had, we wouldn’t be 4-6

Another year wasted. Ive felt like this many times over the last 15 years. Whoever has the balls to gut this club, start again, which means getting rid of the coaching staff, admin, adrian dodoro, and any player who will net us a first/second round pick, i will respect forever. When is this club going to change. When will they give us hope? When will we get any indication that we are headed in the right direction? Can ANYONE tell me they actually believe we are going to be successful soon?

Three words to finish

Enough is enough


wob. go out and get some fresh air mate.


Take up kickboxing. It’s helped me.

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Get a life

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■■■■■■■ SICK OF IT. ■■■■ YOU ESSENDON HOPE YOU ■■■■■■■ FOLD.


See you next Sunday at the G.


WOB I agree with a fair bit of what you say but chill out. Go for a walk or something my friend

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You’re 30?

does anyone actually read these ‘truth’ diatribes?

Thanks WOB you have summed up how I feel. Two daughters 18 and 14 have copped an absolute bagging from Geelong supporters ( we live in Geelong) since birth. The eldest still wanted to put an ESS sticker on the car but thought the car might be vandalised. ESS give us something to be proud of instead of history.

I do and I care

I read enough to get the gist.

You took a break from being on here once, might be time for another. We’re all hurting man, no point popping a valve.

Wish that your passion could be bottled and injected at EFC


Last one.