The Wrestling Thread

Punk is f*cking toxic to the roster. He should have been out on his arse a long time ago, before the injury.

Even his wrestling is below par. That was the first i had seen him since WWE.

Samoa Joe is one of the best in the world, and has been doing it for decades. Punk was so poor in that match, he made Joe look f*cking sensational. How many mistakes did Punk make?

You wouldn’t know that both are the same age.

Horrible tag team result at Payback.





I hope Big E liked it.

Also, Hot And Flexible!

Sing all of The Final Countdown, ya bastards, not just the titular bit!

AEW are pretty damn good at pulling two PPVs in 8 days out of their arse at the last minute.

They did a good job making stars tonight.

end of raw


football’s back baby

We going to see Drew turn heel soon imo and its needs to happen the scotish warrior gimmick and sword has gone stale

One day after merging with UFC, here come the sackings.

As part of WWE’s transition into the newly formed TKO Group Holdings, we are evaluating our existing operations and systems to identify potential synergies across the business. This effort includes workforce reductions, which will take place tomorrow.

Those whose roles have been impacted will be notified by our Human Resources Team, who will share the details of their severance package. We are asking that everyone work remotely, Friday September 15th, so we can insure all conversations are handled privately and respectfully. We’ll send out a company-wide email once all of tomorrow’s conversations have happened.


I’m guessing we should dis-credit only Buddy for this, given Rhea comes from SA.


Slex better reclaim the MCW title from this flog in November.

EDIT: no, her heel turn is confirmed elsewhere.

Did you say that Slex is an Essendon support?

No, you did!


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Waaaait… he’s from Dingley as well as Brooks?

That’s historically where all the great pro Wrestlers have come from!

Rhea is a bloody @Diggers, wearing the FCFC jumper last weekend.

Support for the Crows at

FWIW, PWI 500 has the following Aussies (states have been added where I went “who?”):

  • Buddy 143
  • Jonah/Reed 150
  • Kyle Fletcher 188
  • Robbie Eagles 211
  • Julian Ward 235 (WA)
  • Shazza McKenzie 250
  • Adam Brooks 266
  • Tommy Knight 283
  • Corndog 287 (SA)
  • Matt Halter 309
  • Jessica Troy 329
  • Cherry Stephens 335
  • Mick Moretti 359
  • Joel Bateman 392
  • Vixsin 413
  • Unsocial Jordan 421 (NSW)
  • Jimmy Townsend 461
  • REDSHAW 470 (SA)
  • Cadie Tre 483 (SA)

Feel free to openly mock this list, I always do… but in the past we never even dreamed of that many being listed.

I don’t know why some females get listed in the 500 and others get listed on the Women’s 200 (Ripley 12, Charlie Evans 87, Indi 96, Tenille Dashwood 106). It’s not purely due to them being involved, or not, in inter-gender matches. Jess Troy is on both lists: 84 for the women.

DELTA does not feature at all, which is a sick joke, especially given this is meant to be a kayfabe listing.

Has Robbie Eagles been fighting much at New Japan?

That’s a pretty decent ranking.

Moretti is the one tho. Absolute genius in the ring. I’d love to see him get a look in at NXT or AEW.

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Almost all of his 26 matches with them this year were in April/May. Hasn’t held a title there for 19 months.


Though his recent “kidnapping by scary clowns” story in MCW was… not well done.

Looks like LA Knight is going after Reigns.

Straight to the top.

No point mucking around with mid card belts.

Elimination Chamber is coming to Perth