The Wrestling Thread

Would love to see Mick Morretti & Brooksy at NXT

EPW going hard with their Friday 23rd show:

Brooks, Slex, Ugg, Waterman (spit; I had to barrack for farking Jarvis against him this past weekend), Storm, Nicholls, Kool, Hayter, DELTA, Untouchables, Velocities, Eagles, Broderick, The Parea… and others.

Apparently everyone has to go to the beach.

(OK, those front-ish seats are ~$3000…)

$3k for a seat and a photo with Slex?

Just in case… the image is Elimination Chamber.

(Heel Slex probably doesn’t do photos with plebs.)

I costed it up.

Would end up costing me $6-7k to get there, tickets & accommodation.

Which is why Perth was a stupid option.

Sells out Marvel in ab hour if its here.

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Having it in Perth is excluding the rest of Australia from attending, and probably an international audience.

Anywhere on the East Coast it would be sold out instantly

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Perf ponied up the highest (non Saudi) site fee ever to bring the WWE there.

That’s why it’s in a crap city.

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I would have went if it was in Melbourne and probably drove to SA or Sydney. Checked the flights and it was just too expensive.

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And WA government would have expected an economic boom from hosting the event.

At this stage, nobody will be arriving from interstate/overseas, except the WWE staff and crew.

Next ple should be at Marvel

:raised_hands:The Rock :raised_hands:

That’s why he is the greatest of all time. Nobody gets near him on the microphone.

Roman looks like The Rock’s b*tch. He’s a Second rate wannabe.

It’s gonna be ■■■■■■■ hilarious when Rhodes loses again at Wrestlemania though.

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I think the rock will turn on Roman at Mania and help Cody win its burning him being booed

The whole plan from the start was to destroy the bloodline and Rock being the real Trible Chief imo.

You can then have a 5-6 month build of rock vs roman

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Just watched the Rock’s promo on smack down. He is so damn great as a heel

I loved him setting the crowd up saying they broke records- then ripping into them. You can see USO in the corner enjoying every minute of it. Rock is an amazing baby face, but as a heel he is a whole other level above

and the crowd still chant his name

It honestly wouldn’t surprise me, if a big chunk of the crowd end up cheering Rock and booing Cody at WM

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“Shut up fattie before i slap the herpies from your lips”

Lols felt like I was back in the Attidude Era

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This attitude of The Rock is vintage baby face Rock.

He litterally went from a Heel in the Nation of domination, then a Heel in the Corporation, then everyone starting cheering him because it was f*cking great.

When he was a baby face, his attitude didn’t change at all. He was still bagging the f*ck out of everyone.

He’s the most obnoxious baby face we’ve ever seen in Wrestling…… because he was always playing a heel the whole time.

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The Rock

The real trible chief