Tim Gossage reckons WCE could do a lot worse than appoint X as their new CEO

Only if you can find the $2M per year they give us moving forward?

Tim sausage is a very tall man with a very small head=no brains.

I held my breath there for a split second :joy:

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Probably that too😜
In fairness to the bloke I don’t know him and he might be a great guy, but he is very very tall and quite weird looking.

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by all means west coast, do it.

But are they ready for the purposeful innovation??

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Keep them at the bottom of the ladder!

Wonder how much purposeful innovation he could drive in Perth

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Corporate jargon type operators

West coast and X deserve each other

who the actual ■■■■ is tim gossage?

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Not sure. I think he’s a newsreader.

I’ve got a mate called Tim Goss if that helps.

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The one thing X was good at was making money, the one thing the eagles have is money, so it’s not really a requirement for them. Looking up what X does these days, he part runs a beer company, surely with his CV he could get a better job than that.

He’ll have them selling branded slip and slides that feature that dumb inflatable bird by Nov 1.

Hopefully then they’d give us two first rounders for Shiel

I would have been happy to beat North, lose to Eagles, then maybe North dont get extra compo as have pick 1.

but also put up more of a fight against GWS and Pies and also put Draper /Shiel / stringer in for surgery earlier.

Would have been fair to finish below the cats IMO.

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As if tim gossage hadnt already proven himself as the biggest media flog in WA, he just thought he’d add the cherry on top

Needs to get out of the state after a failed beer venture.