Time Essendon FC got rid of its Pokies licences

I saw this article in The Age this morning (AFL clubs rake in $20 million from pokies despite exodus).

I believe that the Club should not be involved in the Pokies.

I am not trying to stop people from going to the pokies, but we as a club shouldn’t be involved. Most other clubs agreecwith this. I believe that the Club has done alot right in the past 6 months, but this is a big issue it still needs to address.

I had actually written to the Club on 15 February to ask for the Board’s contact details so I could write to them about this issue. I got an automated response saying that, due to Christmas holidays, it might take 7 days for a response. 12 days later, I am still waiting…

I would welcome support from other members.



It’s a lot of money. From memory, the club has said they are working to replace the revenue so they can move away from pokies. I’m guessing that’s bullshit though.

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You certainly have mine. Hate 'em.


Until we can find a revenue source that is equal to it I say keep them. Not a huge player of them myself but they are a good money spinner if operated properly



That was reported income in 2020 from “Venues revenue - other” in accounts which I assume is mostly pokies revenue.

So if you can get our 80,000 members to each kick in about another $120 each, to cover it, then in spite of my love of the Melton Club and it’s pokies, I will support it.

You cough up first.


I agree in principle. However right now, Essendon don’t have a significant source of ‘non football’ business and it also currently has nearly no cash reserves. It’s not in a financial position to exit presently.

I have long been urging the club to build a strategic plan to strengthen its non football revenue and cash flow. It’s been very slow and had inertia for years in this aspect. We continue to rely on ponies as a result. With no obvious plan on the radar at present.

That’s why without this new revenue source, membership and other traditional firms are vital.

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It’s true but there’s very slow progress. Todays HS article, indicating risk around of site future due to airport expansion may explain some of the complexities and slow pace in achieving a commercial strategic plan to develop the site there and creat new revenue streams.

North and the Dogs not having pokies while we continue to is pretty embarrassing.


The Dogs have been highly proactive and successful developing the Western Oval into a community hub and with govt funding creating a great business. They’ve planned well and delivered a great community asset. We’ve been focussed on saga management and footy failure cycle spinning during this time. This is one of the unfortunate outcomes of slow progress in this area…. That’s why football CEO’s and Boards can’t just be ‘football focussed’.

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Frog droppings !

Bombers have built a great asset at the Hangar with some Government support but mostly from Club and Members. Doggies place was built on our taxes.

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Point being, difference between the two is the Dogs facility is about to generate significant revenue streams. Essendon’s isn’t (Western United rent aside).

Need to add in the costs to get the true picture.


Does EFC have an ongoing revenue stream in regard to the association with Para sport co location and access to EFC Hangar facilities.?

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Do we really need to replace the revenue stream first. We’re not going to abandon the licence I presume we sell it and sell it for good money. That money can be invested to get returns as well. We’d end up in a pretty similar spot


So the point isn’t to get rid of the pokies, but just to let someone else have them? Doesn’t seem to help the moral argument much.

For mine… first win premiership… then worry about this sort of thing.


So you aren’t against pokies just Essendon having them?


I can’t impact the rest of the venues so it’s a moot point.

I want Essendon to divest not just morally but becuase it’s non core to the football operations. It might make money but the execs and board have to spend time and energy running it rather than being focused on football.


Doggies did not have much choice but to develop a community hub.
The suburbs around Footscray ceased to hold its traditional supporters, who moved to the outer suburbs.
Footscray had become Little Saigon, later gentrified, those moving in brought their club allegiances with them.

The money generated would outweigh any time put into it. I want money to be spent on our VFL program and other resources and this all comes from pokie money


But you’ve already suggested that the money could be re-invested in something else. Would that not also take time to run?

Wouldn’t you rather them just continue to run what must be a familiar well known business, as opposed to finding and then getting involved in something new… like esports?