Time to consign Fremantle to the Docks - the thread

We should have beaten them last year and this is a tough game. I’m flying over with my family and am confident we can beat them this time. No changes for me.


Let’s play them tomorrow!!!

Seriously, though.
How good is the weekend after a Friday night win?


its just so ■■■■■■ good, and I cant watch Bjs or Begleys goals enough, the roar makes me cry.


I just got all the gardening I’ve put off for a month done.


Hope we win to stick it up Hird


The ultimate friends become enemies.


Glad its not 40c during the day again. We owe them for last year, should have won that.

Also, its not at fkg subiaco thats a plus.

It will still probably be hot although at least the game is being played later in the day (as all early season games should be in Perth).

If it is hot, we need to be a lot smarter than we were last year…I remember being at the game and telling my mate that we were in a lot of trouble late in the 2nd quarter.

The game plan sucked that day…time and again we would win the ball and have absolutely nobody in our forward half…way too much gut running on a stinking hot day.

Spot On.
I just love Friday night wins. It’s smiles all weekend, that carry over into the week. Monday morning at work are a joy.

of course a Friday night loss…


Fremantle look like they will get thumped today but on paper they are a decent side. Danger game.

Port running rings around them at present

I tell you if Matt Tabener kills us ill break my 2nd remote in 2 years!

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Vintage Sandilands today. Huge job for Belly next week.

Tabener and Kersten to slot 10 between them


It was mentioned in another thread that Harvey spoke about Fantasia on radio saying he was still 2-3 weeks away. Obviously meaning he’s had a set back.

Would have loved to have him back in the side.

Will Merrett play?

A few people mentioned that the boys had a bout of gastro that week as well. That plus hot weather wasn’t a good combo!

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Danger game this Freo wouldn’t want to lose at their new stadium after getting flogged

Freo are CACA. Nek minnit they beat us next week


Their lack of tackling pressure is appalling. 30 tackles in 3 quarters of footy. Hope they are that soft next week.

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How typical Ross to flog Freo on the track and tackle the bejesus out of us next week