Time to consign Fremantle to the Docks - the thread



Pen to palace :smiley: and converted


Haha - at least Worsher could hold the phone upside down like our last dud coach did


My footy tips are farked!!


Langford succeeded in milking the clock.


% in tact, no injuries and not playing in perth again for nearly 3 months. at least there’s some positives!


Title changed:


Devon Smith bog for us by a street

Parish, Merrett, McGrath were no where today


Same same. 4 players with one or two games in freo side. Just so disappointing.


Take advantage of these lights to take a few out


Shows how hard Freo worked defensively


Light show? Bad luck people with epilepsy.


Oh boy…

Is Stringer for real?


Someone’s 5 year old found the stadium light switch


Fyfe BOG.

Had a blinder. No fault of any of us.
Its hard to stop that ■■■■.


I agree, we lack some class out of defence and are playing three talls, two of what ch have little composure and Dea who is the same.

Should have had either bags or Redman debuting.


Fark these lights.


Farking bullshit. Signs were already there when that pos from man united zaha missed a one on one goal. Liverpool doing their best to out essington essendon tonight


fyfe has his best game against a team that NEVER ■■■■■■■ TAGS


Fkn this.


Baguley was a requirement.