Time to re-assess 2022

We’re now 1-5. Our finals chances are now done.

What do we now need to achieve for 2022?

Getting 15-20 games into kids?
Trying guys who we need to assess by the end of the year (Hird & McBride)?
Winning as many games as possible?
Getting the game plan right?

Even though it hurts, and none of us wanted to be 1-5…… but in some ways I’m glad we’ve reached this point now, rather than fall away late in the season and finish 9th-10th.


Move mcgrath to the back pocket.

Play Bryan.

Play Tex.

Play Hobbs.

Play Reid.

Sit Shiel and Smith in the 2’s and only bring back in case of emergency (never at the same time though)

Play Francis back.

Sit Stringer out until he drops at least 5 kgs.

Insert titanium rods into Jones brittle feet.

Take the pain, finish bottom 3 and pick up a legit gun player.

Also, bring voss in and tell him to hit anything that moves.

Preferably the opposition.


You need a good list and a good cohesive style of play to be a good team. We have neither, so frankly yes get games into the kids i.e. tank. Then hope Dodoro doesn’t ■■■■ up the draft.

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I’m shocked that no one saw this coming. We were mostly garbage last year too and I had us slipping this year.


I think it’s more the way that we’ve slipped.

we’ve completely given back the gains we seemed to have made last year and then some.


We’re already playing as many kids as is practicable.

Reid has officially ended Stewart’s career and will come in either for Lav or when Zerk sets a foot wrong.

Bryan will be in the 22 pretty soon IMO.

Tex will be back ASAP.

We are a very young 22 and will get younger.

We are already re building


We were always going to slip on the ladder given our draw wasn’t as easy as it was last year.

But we should have built on the foundations of the last 15 games of 2021. As you say, it’s the fact that we’ve gone backwards which is concerning


Play the young KPP players because we either find one internally or we go to the trade period for one. Jones, Baldwin, Eyre, Bryan, Reid all need AFL game time (not necessarily all at the same time).


We do Clayton’s rebuilds. Never have the guts to do a complete slash and burn


Would be great to see Harry get a solid run at it but who knows where he’s at. Tippa is basically cooked so we need to just get games into Tex or anyone willing to put forward half pressure on

Thought mcgrath looked much more comfortable in defence today which was a positive. Would love to see Reid get some matches. Our KPDs are battling, Ridley in particular


We had the youngest side in the comp last week. What do you call a full rebuild?


Had us finishing 15th. We are on track I think.

Need to bank a couple of wins and show something.

Play every single kid on the list

Have Heppell, smith, and Shiel spend the rest of the year in the VFL

Tell Rutten if you don’t have a proper defensive system done by the end of the season, you are gone

Turf dodoro now

Punt Xavier to the curb

Make Zac the captain


Scott Clayton would have built a better list I reckon…

We had 1top 20 draft pick last year. That ain’t a rebuild IMO. We simply needed to get more first and/or second rounders into the club
A proper rebuild is getting in multiple top 20 picks in consecutive years IMO


Spot on

We’re never getting rid of these parasites. It’s all about jobs for the boys


Don’t forget Brasher. Another guy who is all talk but no action

Get rid of them all, the board ,the ceo,the president. And start completely new


But we took 3 top 10 picks in 2021, plus Caldwell. That’s arguablly 5 top 10 picks in 2 years (I know Hobbs was pick 13).

We are well on a rebuild.


It’s pretty well documented there were a heap of clubs trying to trade into the first round, and no one holding those picks let them.

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