Tonight on a current affair


7.30 seems almost sedate by comparison.

This was sort of the reason I never raved about Frontline. They just copied this crap. Some observational stuff, but almost a documentary.

Surprised the con-man/pervert didn’t do a hamstring firing out his right leg.


Not from ACA but they’d like it.

edit: and she had a warrant out for her arrest for armed robbery.

How come? Is she a stoned immigrant tradie ripping off pensioners?

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And you’re paying for her Queensland holiday/lawyers/boob job.

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Some rubbish in the Daily Tele about a largeish percentage of speeding drivers (yes, really) being immigrants (like a quarter of the population) or 1st gen australians (like half of the population)

Xenophobia is good for business.

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One of the funniest shows I have ever watched, and so very astute in their observations of the Australian way of life.

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Serial pervert conman. Because being a pervert conman once is just silly.

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If on the off-chance that’s true (probably isn’t), it’s probably because of Australia’s over-the-top enforcement of speed limits. I imagine it would be quite an adjustment for anyone from pretty much any other country in the world who’s used to not finding a speed camera around every corner and getting done for being 5km/h over the limit.

Poorline thinks Xenophobia are people who are afraid of Nick Xenophon

:face_with_raised_eyebrow: Please Explain!

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Love the gut.

They forgot LEBANESE