Trade Talk 2019: who should we beat our chest like an ape about now?

Dodorro probably rocks a mean smoking jacket, but that’s a weird phrase to describe drafting.


If Scorch thinks someone’s no good, I’m all in.

We have a couple of second round picks to work with though. We could trade up. And there’s a chance one of our decent young players might request a trade if they’re not breaking into our senior side. Might get another second rounder come our way.

Pick 28 (our 2nd rounder, if we finish 8th) + pick 46 (our 3rd) for pick ~20?

I honestly don’t think that’d be worth it.

We could possibly clear out our first 3 picks (our 2nd + GWS 2nd + our 3rd) which would net us maybe pick 9 or 10, but then you’re banking everything on one kid.

It’s possible we trade a Laverde or someone. Again, more of a 2nd rounder type trade.

Expect a young player to leave for opportunity. It will probably happen, it’s the reality of having a strong list with pressure on spots.

Packaging a pick and a player for a late first rounder is a strong possibility.


They’re worth that much in fairy dust, but i still doubt a club would do the trade. I was thinking more our second and GWS second, around 28 & 36 give or take. I’d like them to get into the last first round and pick up a kid in the draft. Who knows though.

I totally want us to go to the draft.
Just not convinced pick 15 is necessarily a better option than 2 picks in the 20s - 30s.


Which of our kids would get us a first rounder?


The only two guys who have really shown talent but haven’t made it stick are Lav & Lang.
Both are under contract, and not sure either would command enough to make it worth our while.

Stewart’s worth half a pack of chips.

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I’m not either. The only reason it might be a good idea is because you have to take a first rounder in the draft occasionally to satisfy the trading rules. Otherwise one day we might want to trade a first round pick for an established player and not be able to.

Even then I doubt Lav or Lang would get us one.

I’d be filthy if Dodorro gave our first rounder for a 4th year player that can’t crack it at another club even if a pick came back.

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Laverde will have been on our list for 5 years for 15-20 games. He wouldn’t get a second on his own.

I think we need a young ruck to develop…and frankly, they don’t often get taken in the first round.

So a second round pick would probably get us the best or second-best ruck prospect in the draft. Perfect!

He’s played 30?

On their own, none that we’d likely trade. Pick 28 + Laverde for pick 18 is the type of trade I could see happening.

I don’t think that 10 games changes the crux of my argument.

I said in the Francis thread that I wouldn’t be surprised if he left at the end of the season.

His contract expires at the end of this season. He seems to have had some mental health issues and also expressed an interest in returning back to Adelaide during last year’s trade period.

Essendon said they were open to facilitating a move, if they could secure an appropriate deal. They probably wouldn’t mind a very high first round pick, considering how many we have given away lately.

It seems almost impossible, but I wouldn’t be gobsmacked if it happened. I thought the same thing about Adelaide and Jake Lever.

Brodie might be a good, relatively cheap target for us. Big inside mid at 189cm


I think we also need to pull off a very carefully targeted acquisition of a free agent.

Now, as soon as I say “free agent”, everyone thinks megabucks for a gun…and otherwise, “it’s not worth it”.

But that can’t be right…every week we play older players like Baguley, Brown, McKernan, and they are more than handy for the team, and they would be on very modest salaries…but if we look at similar-quality players at other clubs, we would look down our noses at them…it’s a bias that we have to fight against at trade time.

If we select carefully, we can find a Victorian at an interstate club that wants to come home…or someone who has been at a lowly club, and likes the look of our club trajectory, and wants to come on board.

I look at someone like Crozier at the Dogs, who has worked out better than I expected. Or Henderson at the Hawks was actually a delisted free agent. I’m sure there are many more (and better) examples that other posters can come up with.

Heck…it could even be a trade. If we could use a second rounder to get a player with output like Melksham at the Dees, then I would be delighted (ouch!).

We just need to find the right player to fit our team…probably for the forward half IMO.

Would you have been happy to trade pick 18 for Hugh Goddard and pick 28 last year?

Because Hugh was one pick after Lav in the draft and similarity injured. Carlton got him as a rookie not a first rounder in last years trade period.

You don’t give up first rounders for non best 22 players. Ever.