Trade Talk 2019: who should we beat our chest like an ape about now?

Given Harts is only 25 and we were fairly stacked for defenders as is including Zerk whose coming along really well prob not a priority

Harts may not be long for the squad.

I doubt it’ll be a top priority to bring in a development FB, but they’ll be looking to plug holes that we have now and will have in the not to distance future.

We have Francis, Bezerk, Stewart, Daniher and Gown. Ambrose and Hartley although not spring chickens aren’t dinosaurs either. So we’re not desperate.

I’d have said our needs are probably just high upside. Maybe another ruck to develop 3 years behind Draper, although its not a priority. But really, just guys with lots of upside would be my go.

Of course, I love me my HF flankers who can transition/impact the midfield, so I’d never say no to more of those (Hird, Mercuri, Caracella, Blumfield, Bewick, Walla, Raz, Stringer, Begley, Mozzie, etc.!)

Given the salary cap issues, Hartley kind of complements that next generation back line. Him, Ambrose, Zerk and Francis gives us a life after Hooker and Hurley and a little depth then.

I think (as much as I love him) Dea is in the gun. With Ambrose playing brilliantly, that spot for a single ultra-defensive player is taken. Ridley, Redman really stepping up.

It will be interesting if any of the fringe players will ask to leave. If say a Gleeson is locked out of the side all year, would he ask for a trade? I could really see Laverde doing so.

I’m still holding onto hope for a Jack Martin trade. 2 x 2nd rounders is decent currency IMO. With Baguley getting old, and the fact that we got rid of Jerrett and Green, we are currently lacking in small forward depth even with Mozzie. Not to mention Martin would minimise the loss of Zaka when he retires.

Plus continue a succession plan for the aging Hurley, Hooker, Brown, McKernan, Bellchambers. It doesn’t have to be done all at once. Just continue to pluck talls that slip and that we rate e.g. BZT, Gown, etc. Hopefully we might get lucky and get the next Carlisle, Ben Brown, McGovern, Hooker, etc.

Midfield is looking pretty good for the next 5 years but we need to continue to unearth a good AFL midfielder every 2 drafts as blokes like D.Clarke, Mutch, Mynott, etc will inevitably be in line for the chopping block. When you look at our best 22 we still lack a big bodied brute so we should definitely be on the lookout for a potential Matt Crouch type who could fall to our 2nd round picks (if they’re not used for Martin).

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We would almost definitely need Martin to accept significantly under market value in order to acquire him within the cap, or we would need to move on a few players to clear space.

Then we would need to do the impossible and come up with a deal that would satiate the ever hungry Suns. Martin will likely win their BnF, at the very least he’ll finish top 3 (injury permitting)

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Martin is unlikely I know. But with Baguley, Bellchambers, Myers so close to retirement and with the way they can back-end contracts you just never know.


If we make finals and GWS makes a prelim those picks will be say 27 and 31 (for a 4th and 8th finish) and that’s before academy and father sons. They could end up nearer pick 40. They ain’t worth much certainly not Martin.


He’d no doubt be a massive addition to our midfield and forwardline and an immediate improvement on a aging Zaharakis

He’d be the second best player being talked about as a potential/likely trade in 2019, after Coniglio, and will have every club enquiring so he would need to declare Essendon as his only destination.

Even then I can’t see GCS coming to the table for a bunch of 2nds. He’d be better off signing with GCS on a big 1/2 year contract and biding his time until he is a Free Agent.
And that’s assuming he was actually desperate to get to Essendon and Essendon alone, which I don’t think he is.

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Combined theyd be equivalent of pick 12 on the points calculator.

We send those plus a fringe young player another clubs way, especially academy club/one with FS selection and could easily get a first rounder.

Teams have been looking to move them on with the way the points/bidding system works.

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Again I also think it’s unlikely…but not impossible. Considering we got Saad for a 2nd rounder, Smith for practically a 2nd rounder, and a young All-Australian potential superstar with a few family issues for 2 x 2nd rounders!

We’ve basically turned into Hawks of the last decade where we can leverage deals way in our favour based on our promising list, facilities and overall benefits that come with playing for a big club. After watching the Hawks fark over many teams for years I will still hold hope on unlikely trades like this.

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The Hawks actually have tasted success though and Premiership players for whatever reason have an over-inflated value in trades which allowed Hawks to rip teams off. Then you have the Clarkson-factor.

And I’m pretty sure they are practicing some kind of witchcraft over in Waverly.

I think Jack Martin in a forward line with Fantasia and Tippa would be a terrifying concept for opposition coaches


Stringer and Daniher go alright too

Moz and Begley have both have the potential to be elite.

Grundy…throw him a 10 year contract and make him captain.

Some on BB seem to have an aversion to the ND - List is in good condition and the next two years should be hitting the draft hard.


I think it’s more people see a window of opportunity before Hooker and Hurley fall away, and would like to capitalise on the now.

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Poor mans Hartley.

Is there any chance we can just draft a kid with an early pick this year and stop chasing the dragon. If jackets can pick good kids with late picks, imagine what he could do with early picks.

Not much, we don’t have an early pick.

I agree it’s time to hit the draft.

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