Trade Talk 2019: who should we beat our chest like an ape about now?

Hmm, we got decent value for Melksham, Carlisle and Hibberd. We got SSS for a steal. Shiel was about the right price, we just all hoped/expected to pay less.

I think Scully is more of a Hawthorn thing - clubs seem to go crazy with them. Mitchell for pretty much pick #13. O’Meara for #10 and an early second rounder. Gunston for peanuts. Hale cheap. Gibson cheap. Scully for peanuts. The list goes on. And trading out of N. Thompson and Hayes was ridiculous. About the only time they pay full value is with Port (Burgoyne & Wingard).


Um, I’m not sure if you’d get that agreement. We don’t really have a clue what they’re even on.

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I could certainly see us getting Sier & Frampton, even with the picks we have. I also think we will probably trade a player this season, and have more picks to play with.

North Melbourne will not be letting go of Zurhaar. I agree with that. Collingwood will still have the same midfield next season and I doubt Sier wants to be playing in the reserves next season again.

?? Hooker is still playing great football. And Hurley is more than serviceable. If you go back and see what happened the last time we forcibly traded great servants eg Caracella and Hardwick - now that was disastrous.

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I’m not sure what players we’d be moving on that have trade value. Unless we end up losing someone like Parish thoroughly against our will, then who is it going to be? Zaka and Hooker are coming up on 30, even if you were willing to trade them you wouldn’t get much in exchange purely based on age (and who replaces Hooker on field, anyway? If you’re moving on Hooker then you’re writing off his generation which includes guys like Zaka and Hurls and even Hepp at a stretch), and committing to building a new backline from kids). Nobody will trade for guys like Harts, they know they’ll likely be able to pick him up as a delisted free agent for nothing. There might be a bit of interest in whichever of Gleeson/Ridley/Francis/Redman aren’t getting a regular game, but again, if they aren’t getting a regular game their currency isn’t going to be all that high. If we want to trade into the first round (especially the top 10) then you’re going to have to put a lot more on the table than you have so far. And is it really worth shoving someone like Hooker out, who is still an extremely effective player and a much-loved leader around the club, just to bring in another 3nd rounder or something?


I think Hooker is easily the most important player at the club and would never trade him. I want him to finish his career with us.

I was just mentioning two players that would fill a need and who you could get at a good price. Would you need first rounders for either Sier or Frampton? You would know better than me.

I honestly wasn’t saying we would be getting any first round picks back in a trade. I think if we don’t make finals, some changes will be made.

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Yep, Hooker should be considered untouchable. Why? Respect.


How about hitting the draft for the next two years - We have no need to trade in players unless it’s a FA and even then I have reservations.


FFS, we need draft picks, not second rate vfl/sanfl players

we will be in serious trouble if we dont get a few good 18yo kids in this draft

Serious trouble? That’s a bit of a stretch. Our list is still pretty young

But I agree our approach this year should be stocking up in the draft

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The list is youngish, but the best 22 and the tall stocks are surprisingly old.

It’s easy to forget that guys like Brown and Smack are well into their late 20s, even though they haven’t played that many games comparatively. Even Daniher is into the second half of his career now.


I see our needs as a pool of developing talls and a few high upside smalls. Smalls have a chance to contribute to the now and the talls need to start now in order to be ready when our current crop retire.


I’d be shocked if we trade any players in this year. We may trade out picks/player to get back into the first round. Unlikely though.

I reckon with a potential retiree or two it may free up some cash to spend on a free agent and then just take a chance in the draft with the picks we have. Although signing up Walla, Parish and Francis etc will probably eliminate any spare cash saved from the retirees.

I’m expecting a boring trade week and draft this year.

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I can’t remember who it was in the last few days who wanted to trade Raz to Adelaide, but whoever it was, go ■■■■ yourself and do the right thing by the world.


We have a fair idea what Hurls and Chook are on.

It isn’t as simple as the club making a trade with another club. If the player is not interested then the whole thing falls over.

As for Sier and Frampton, If they truly wanted midfield time and that was their sole goal would they not go somewhere like Carlscum or Gold Coast where they would get a game every week?

Not necessarily, it would be a factor, but let’s be honest nobody who harbours even the smallest faintest hope of success would be going to FC for another couple years at least.

And surely nobody other than Turk actually wants to live on the Gold Coast.

Guess it would depend on the coin offered, and the position within the team.

Would (and have) lived on the Goldy, it’s not all Surfers and Broadbeach. Burleigh/Currumbin and the hinterland are very nice places indeed to live.


Is the Frampton who’s an absolute must get the Port ruckman who’s played a sum total of 3 games in 4.5 years?

Who’s presumably going to come to us to be 2nd in line?