Trade Targets - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!


‘Hearing Whispers’ is code for ‘it’s a hunch’ or ‘my source is ■■■■’.


Both of those trades would improve us.


You would take pick #10 for Francis and Ridley? Interesting.


No it is not interesting at all.


More like stupidity.


You would have to concede that the one thing we have in excess is stupidity.

I would like to trade that for something worthwhile.



Won’t happen.

Or will it?


Dodoro could have his own bronze statue if we went SSS and then into Cripps.

If we were as heavily into Wines as reported then would be just as much Cripps. Does he really want another wooden spoon next year or a flag?

Would break the club. Payback for Fitzy fking us over and giving them our finals spot.

Make it so Disco.


I suspect Ants was saying the same thing as you


I want Cripps more than I want a lot of other things


you may need to get out more…


Here’s a suggestion for some levity, try rolling with this…

We have witnessed the triple “ABC” of recruiting: Choose one letter of the alphabet and then recruit in threes. As in the “SSS” Saad, Smith & Stringer.

Try if you will, to choose one letter of the alphabet and select 3 players to target.

eg) Letter H , Hannebery, Himmelberg & Hall (GC)


I think that would be better in its own thread.


Why the fascination with Cripps? Is he even remotely gettable?


Don’t care.

I want him more than I want another win this year.



He’s got that rare ability to be rated as a big-bodied, huge numbers midfielder whilst being smallish, not racking up huge numbers and not playing midfield.


cripps is already better than watson imo


It’s a textbook win win.

  • We get much better.
  • Carlton gets much worse.

There’s no contract length or amount of money too ridiculous to offer.


If I’m Carlton after throwing him one of the biggest contracts ever, if he still chooses to leave I’d put him through the PSD and chance his arm on ending up at Brisbane or GC. No way do they trade him to us.


Got a year to run on his contract and not signing the extension as has “things to consider”

Given the bash and crash way he plays would probably limit his time in the AFL especially with not much help does he want to spend next 5yrs (prime of his career) at bottom of ladder still carrying that rabble on his back.

Lloydy reckons they will need to turn over another 10+ players this year, some which they only got last year like Lobbe/Lang etc. They are miles off it.