Trade Discussion 2018 thread #1 - We’re gonna need a bigger boat for the wave pool!

Now where were we?

We will take you old, injured and not so good players.

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Let’s ask nemo.

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Change the thread name to Every Stupid Idea that pops into Nemo’s head

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Oh, I think at last, people were just throwing out random names of players willy-nilly.

And…Nino said a pearler which I didn’t have time to point out:

Apparently, we are missing that ‘man-child body’??


I read that to ad was like WTF, why has no one mentioned that.

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Dom Tyson.

avgs 22 disp, 9 contested has upside, right age and size.


But you ask yourself why isn’t Tyson getting a game.

They have chosen the more aggressive harder at it inside mids in Viney, Oliver, Jones & Petracca

Probably coming down to ability to win contested footy

I say becuase their midfield is stacked rather than him lacking contested footy.

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Have you looked at the size of our mids? our guys get pushed off the ball easily cant compete with the likes of Sydney,Tigers,Melbourne etc.

Someone should go find him.


dom tyson is a softcock

Again, what about Seb Ross, has proved his worth as a mid in a crappy team.

Let’s get him very good pedigree.

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all four of those blokes would be walk ups at Essendon.

Devon Smith couldnt get a kick at GWS.

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Wtf really? Before injury he was in their best 22

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Didn’t he extend his contract recently?

And avid afficianoado of spoonerisms.

So we can get him for a rird-thounder, being related to Ricky?


Even easier, we could swap him for one of our many pud dicks.


Two first year players Cerra & Brayshaw playing well as Carlton get buried by Freo.

We have a “Superdraft” coming, Why waste time with second tier players, or players

with 2 or 3 years left.

Plot a course for sustained success