Training 19th June

Will do a report later.

Upbeat session so far today. Lots of noise from coaches and players. Fantasia looked great today… was taking the game on and sprinting past players.

‪Dyson Heppell did go off limping into the Hangar. Looked like he got his foot stepped on. Was walking better as he was entering the Hangar. Here’s hoping. Has not resumed as yet

Daniher replicated his 2 hour session last week. Lots of running and kicking for goal.


Don’t stop…





we;re all just waiting for the green N in the bottom of the page.


Great news about Raz!

Great stuff about joe


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Any idea what tine the scratch match on Sunday starts?

Yes Raz!

That’s wonderful news that Raz is moving freely and is showing his trademark pace. He’s huge for us.

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Not so great about Heppell. Here’s hoping it is nothing. Need him to get back to his best.


Hopefully just something similar to Stringer last week with Heppell and doesn’t turn out too badly.

Ok i was asked to do the training report as nackers couldn’t make it today. Hope i can do him justice. Doubt it lol

It was a nice and sunny 17 degrees out there with a 2-3 goal breeze to one end. Session was similar to last Friday. 2 hours broken up of light skill drills early then 3 match simulation periods.

Lets get the negative out of the way. Heppell was getting a clearance and got tackled from behind. It looked as though his foot was stepped on but I cant be totally sure. He looked in immediate pain and you could tell players and Truck were concerned. Trainers came out and as he was walking into the Hangar he began to walk more normal. This was in the 2nd period and did not return. Will see if he is still named later today.

The positive was the vibe today. Very vocal and upbeat. The best I have seen so far. Fantasia came today to let coaching staff know he is more than ready. His energy was through the roof. He had a mark on a wing and looked at the player on the mark and said… i am just going to steam roll past you. Put the ball under the arm, had a bounce and 30m later passing the player drilled a kick. Bit of a statement play.

McKenna was solid too so its a big team announcement later today.

I watched Ambrose closely today and he was quite rusty again. Not sure he is ready just yet but close.

Stewart was the improver for me. Started marking the footy better and drilling some great kicks. Looked like it was coming more natural for him now which was pleasing to see.

Draper did all match simulation for the first time and played as a key forward. Phillips and Belly rucked. Sammy was a touch rusty but just great to see him in match play.

Daniher replicated the 2 hour session last Friday… almost to the minute. Early team drills and then goes off by himself to fo goal kicking a long stints of running sessions. He has started to build some muscle back in his arms and shoulders. Looked more cut like a footballer to me today. Joe is quite vocal now and even when running laps was yelling out to players doing match play.

Hurley was coaching McBride on numerous occasions with Kelly which showed great leadership. McBride was soaking it all in… lots of body position and running patters coaching direct from Hurls to McBride.

Walla and Stringer were moving well so i expect them to only get better from here on

We only had Jones, Crauford, Daniher, Hird and Johnson in the modified group today. Hird did nothing really though.

The skills when kicking against the wind was not great to be honest but overall the session was positive as you felt mentally the group were in a good place. Truck was very vocal today but loud in enthusiasm rather than telling off mode. He does create a good energy.


Nice work CJ


Thanks CJ

How bad a limp are we talking for heppell?

Could be anything

You’d better have a sick note from your mum, @nackers


Thanks @CJohns - great report. Fingers crossed for Hepp. It would be devastating for him if he was injured again. Loving all the energy & positivity. Really hope we bring this on Sunday. Final team today will be interesting to say the least.

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I saw the Stringer incident too and it was very similar. One of those immediate genuine pain and 5 mins later can walk a lot better. We wait and see


Name names @CJohns

Who stepped on Hepps bloody foot?