Training 24/1/18

Just got here. Ridley on second oval.

Anyone else here?


Music to my ears MP18.

Any chance of having a look at Parish today please?

oh it’s like Christmas… Radio Matt Pocock bringing it to you live from the Home of the Bombers.




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LAVERDE & The Langford watch please

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Not me, I can’t make it today but I’ll look forward to your reports

Anything on Francis you can share Fog? His ability is huge but fitness and niggles concerning??

If he has jiggles his fitness is a very big issue

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Probably part of the problem - too many jiggles. Leads to niggles.

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I still can’t believe McKernan is still on our list same goes for Jerrett.

Smack is a very good break glass in case of emergency player.

Jerrett I agree, But the club rated him over pick 80 in the draft.




Colyers injury is being kept very quiet

So is there more to it that you heard while he was over your way?

Moonboots tend to make very little noise


That was terrible but I still laughed.

I wouldn’t have a clue, but joining the dots from being in a moonboot a few weeks ago, to spending weekends in wa, to still not training. There’s obviously a issue there


As an inside mid ?

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Did you check the injury report on the official site? Pretty sure they discussed it, doesn’t sound great.


Travis Colyer has been placed in a moon boot due to pain in his foot but is expected to return to regular training in the coming weeks.

“Travis has sesamoid pain, sesamoids are a couple of little bones in your foot that can become painful. In order to settle that down, we have Trav in a boot, he has been in that for here weeks and he will come out of that when it has settled and then he will build back in again,” Crow said.

“He is progressing really nicely and getting a good training base.”