Training 24/1/18

Has the matching the beard too.

A rugged tough Heppel to dominate the middle.

How did begley pull up? Parish looks like he’s going to kill him.

How did Begeley go in the match simulation?

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He always does. It’s why I hope we’ll see more of him this year.


Zerrett got a head knock?

Did anyone see that? Is he ok?

I hope we don’t. No offence to him, but he wouldn’t be in our best 22. I agree he gives it everything though.
Possibly at the moment, he only needs one or two injuries in defence to get a gig.
In terms of medium defenders, Gleeson would be ahead of him and hopefully Francis is too. They might even use Goddard in that role.
I’d also hope Redman steps up a bit this year and is ready to take a spot if there are 1 or 2 injuries.
I think if we see a fair bit of Dea it means there are a fair few injuries or some of the younger guys have gone backwards.

Edit: I actually thought he was a bit unlucky not to get more games in 2017. It will be harder for him this year.

If Dea plays Francis is fkd


I 100% reckon dea’s best is good enough for best 22. At worst, he’s very adequate depth. As it stands right now he’s the ideal depth player


I thought both Dea and Brown played well when given opportunities.

Perfect depth players to have on your list.


Brown looked good today. Strong.


I’m a fan.

Hopefully he gets a chance.

I am too, actually. But as yet another intercepting defender.

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It’s as if you were there…


I was looking at some of karmabombers pics on Instagram just then and geez Hurley looks very lean. He’s trimmed down quite a bit more imo. I doubt he’ll be seeing many big forwards this season


Dea does exactly what you ask of him. Mug respect to him, been a very good servant in difficult circumstances.

Not in our best 22, but can come in and do a job well.


Auto correct on my phone put mean instead of lean, and I forgot to add Hurley. Haha.

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Agree…and if someone is taking Hartley to the cleaners it makes you wonder who is our plan B and C to stop the oppositions key forwards and ruck forwards.
That Syd final is still burning me.

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I’d say we’re putting a lot of faith into ambrose and Hartley. It’s the way the game is going though I suspect, Hawkins type forwards will soon be a thing of the past imo, if it’s not already. They get exposed the other way too easily


Yea and as much as I like Harts and Ambrose they are just good players, if our young midfield group aren’t atleast breaking even this year those guys are going to be exposed.

Were we 10th or 12th in defence last year ? we need to fix that if we are going anywhere in 18.