Training 6/3/18 & 8/3/18

Training at Tullamarine on both days - Thu particularly hot.

The main focus of my interest has been on the atmosphere following the disgraceful performance at ■■■■.

The availability of players has been pretty much in line with Crow’s medical report on the club website although I note that Fantasia has now gone for an operation.

I’ve been told that much of the poor performance against Richmond was as a result of players not being fully recovered from gastro. I don’t see this as a full explanation and would question why some of the fitter younger players were not selected ahead of those affected if this was the case but the gastro was certainly a factor.

If I had to make a guess I would imagine the coach has had plenty to say about their performance and apparently the practice session on Saturday was extremely vigorous. I would think also that there has been some frank criticism of each other by the players themselves.

With Zac Merret injured and out of the game I found it strange that two key members of the leadership group were off after half time when leadership was needed but I guess that’s not their decision.

Training on Tuesday was competent without being spectacular but Thursday’s training went up a notch and I got the impression that the players were getting some of their mojo back. I’m not surprised at this because training has been quite impressive up until the Richmond game as you will have read.

I don’t want to comment on individual players but I suggest that supportive comments towards Aaron Francis might be helpful in the overall scheme of things.

My expectation, unsurprisingly, is for a much better showing against Geelong.


Thanks JM

Except for the Fantasia bit. That’s ruined Friday.

Although just catching up on the other thread I should have known about Fanta. ITB is not a big deal. Although surprised they decided on surgery.

Jackies back !

Not much point in running through each player, on Sunday we will see who is any good out of the ones who were selected.

So Jackie, based on the training you saw, were there any players unlucky not to make the cut for the squad ? eg. Ridley, Langford, Hartley.

Pre-season competition is merely about getting the right training loads for each player. Hence who plays and for how long.


Great to have you back JM, and pulling no punches!

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I was impressed with Ridley on Tuesday - he was chasing a ball and got an awkward bounce with an opponent close behind - he smacked the ball ahead of him with his left hand, gathered and kicked.

That’s not a learned skill it was the instinctive action of a naturally gifted footballer.


Good to hear that players and coaches wern’t happy with how they played I’m expecting a much better Essendon,


Is Ridley the same size as Gleeson?

Really, really, really hope this kid comes on


Im driving the ridley train, get on board before its too late.


Thanks Jackie

Can you add anything in relation to Francis? Hope the kid is ok but really want to see him back out there. Love watching him play the game how it’s meant to be played.

193 vs gleeson 186

Club site has them 192 vs 191…

I don’t think it was legit that close at the end of 2016 when Ridley was drafted and that 192 figure was first provided… and Ridley has grown a bit since?

One day, Telstra will allow us to update the listings, and we’ll also find out what Smith, Houlahan, Stringer, B. Zerk Thatcher, Mynott and newLAV look like.

Not sure how we managed to sneak a photo of Saad in while Telstra weren’t watching.


Maybe we have an overdue phone bill.

We’re the only club not to have updated the player listings.

Not sure really DJR I just googled both the names and thats what came up

The web site still has James Kelly in his Essendon jumper in the coaches profile lols

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All I hear from that is that things seem pretty dire for franga

Pretty sure that’s his height when he was drafted. He had a big growth spurt after arriving at the club

If he reads comments like your last sentence it can’t do him any harm and may well gee him up a bit.

He seems to me he is a really nice person with a tremendous talent so I’m sure we all want to support him.