Training and extracurricular activities for Suns (R19, 2019)

Myers is here.

Merrett comes out very late. Phew.

Everyone accounted for, plus Begley and Myers.

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Paul Turk is here as a spy. Gets warmly welcomed anyway.

Pace needs to increase just a tad to tell if everyone feels good. Hooker hasn’t got to first gear yet.

McGrath Gleeson and Clarke doing skills on the side.

Includes an exercise where one player holds two balls up either side of another’s head, then drops one and the other has to catch it one-handed.

Harves misses a bullet pass from Merrett. A yobbo in the crowd encourages him to do better.

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Should be video/photos posted by the club of this session


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Hooker now doing individual skills to the side as well.

Some match play now.

Hooker on the boundary, LAV short range set shot kicking at the other end.

Gleeson and Clarke involved in the match play.

A few minutes later, after zero touches, Clarke goes off to practice set shot kicking with LAV.

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Stringer bombs a torpedo goal from outside 50, ‘cause why not?

Then he is the first to start a rush to the front row for autographs.

Guelfi trying to do Conor foot pickups.



I can exclusively report that Saad is NOT fat.


Parish and Alwyn the last to finish, with set shot kicking.

Er, maybe. Most of the team wander off to the western end to do something.

Last year I met a few people at RACV club just down the road. Had a few pints and a burger & chips. Wasn’t overly busy though so perhaps there’s somewhere else where footy fans congregate.

Staff checking the full surface. I wouldn’t trust the AFL either!

Turns out they were looking for James Kelly’s wedding ring!



TIPPA has either gone to get a very big bag of pens, or is no-showing the meet-and-greet.

Took Stringer 25 minutes to meet everyone.