Training and extracurricular activities for Suns (R19, 2019)

The Bombers are Gold Coast-bound, with open training and a signing session to take place at Metricon Stadium on Saturday.

The players will hit the track at approx. 12pm, with entry via gate 6 from 11:30am.

Following training, a signing session will take place along the boundary.

Free parking will be available in the red zones marked in the map below.

The Bombers will be aiming to extend their winning streak to five games when they face the Suns at 4:40pm on Sunday.

I know Metricon itself sits out back of Bourke, but any ideas for pre-match meet-ups?

The GC table tennis club is 10 minutes from Metricon. You should come along Saturday morning and bring your mate Trent Carter.

Where is the boomerang club?

Actually, there’s a Boomerang Farm at the Gold Coast.

Go figure, I thought they grew on trees, but not like that.

@theDJR - how can you tell when they are ready for picking?


you couldn’t do much better than if you have to drive, get there early and park at the golf club and eat/drink there. Might need to ring ahead to see if you can still do it tho.

Hi all - Is this where the team runs out for warmups/game? Thanks


Don’t think so.

Pretty sure there’s actually SFA on that side of the ground.

I think change rooms are over at 9 O’clock near that big red triangle, where the corporate boxes are.


Ok thanks.
1st time for us at Carrara, heading up tomorrow but will miss the open training, kids hoping to see the team run out close up but i think we are on the wing/flank on the right hand side.

I paid the big bucks for front row top deck on the wing. Unlike at Adelaide Oval last week I’ll at least know what’s going on.

First time at Carrara since I saw us give the Bears a touch up way back in 1990.

It’s in the middle of nowhere but I’m told it’s a nice stadium to watch the footy. Looking forward to it

Its a different experience that’s for sure.

When I went there was a cover band playing where you could sit on the grass or in bean bags and drink full strength beer in a glass.

Local crowd don’t know ■■■■, but there’s plenty of bombers there

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Gate open at 11:26 to about 100 Bomber fans.


Some players were having a goal kicking competition as we came in; they skulk off in order to make the scheduled 12 noon start.

How long do these things normally run?

It will be very much an Acting Captain’s Run.

Crowd now rivalling those at Willy watching the women’s game — where we’ve kicked the first goal.

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Running late. On my way out now.

Kid next to me going:


And they’re not out yet…


Begley is here.