Training August 24

A few notes from yesterday.
Watson moved well in match simulation.
There was a lot of time spent on switching ball in backline in match sim.
Raz ran laps but wasn’t out there long - admittedly I missed him.
McNeice ran laps, moved well.
Was a drill where Conor and Joe both got one on one contested marking practice but not against each other. When Joe can use his body better in marking contests he will be even more formidable.
Langford moved confidently in heavy traffic. Looks so composed. Hopefully he can bring it to seniors in 2018.
No Walla. I was back there today and saw him in car park leaving club after some kind of indoor session. Not sure he was moving freely.


you are a superstar Begbie. Been ages since we have had a training report


Why is that? I always looked forward to the training report best thing on bb.


Because you haven’t bothered to write one up.


Yes, how is our good friend Jackie? Hasn’t posted much lately.


We didnt organise the training reports very well. First there was Jackie, then early in the season, we had a heap of folk all posting their training reports, then for months … nothing.

My guess is that the team, once selected, hardly changed. Whats the point of attending training, when the main training the side does is the game they played the week before and we all watch that, dont we ?.

Very worried about Walla…

I thought he was no certainty to play last week, and then he was just about BOG. I’m hoping he is one of those guys that has a real ability to play through injury/niggles.


Indeed Soulnet, I remember the BBQ well. But I did lose count of the number of donuts Sheeds ate that day

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TIPPA has had one injury since he came to Essendon (when a >100kg hack very deliberately hurt him). Makes Stanton look a bit delicate.

Not injured

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