Training Friday 29/4 of some year before 2023

Hi Guys/Girls

Just thought I would give a quick summary of what I saw at training this morning.

Players were in red jumpers and black jumpers.
All the players in red jumpers were most of the ones that played on Anzac day with Zach Reid also in the red jumper.
Although draper,Archie, parish,Hind,BZT,hobbsy and nik cox were in the black jumpers.

Jones,Stewart,Tex did laps and run throughs on the soccer oval ( I call it that cause western united train on it) they looked not to hindered at all so I’m guessing they aren’t to far away

The only 3, I didn’t notice training were Tippa( covid protocol) hurley(not sure why) and dev smith( not sure why).
Although heppell and shiel did heaps on run throughs before main training started a good 30 or so minutes before the rest of the guys came out. They then disappeared.

Merrett,stringer,laverde did there own thing at the start but joined in main training once the little match practice started ( don’t think there is any concern about them playing).
As I mentioned earlier I noticed 2MP spoke to Murphy halfway thru the session and pointed to his calf/ankle and then went off the ground. He didn’t participate in the little match session. So I hope it’s nothing but just a procution.
Zach Reid looked very impressive outmarking draper on several occasions and another who looked very good was Josh Eyre.
Eyre looks like he reads the ball as a forward much better than Baldwin . And his leading ability is impressive. I reckon he is the kind of player who would be better forward leading to the likes of our senior midfield rather than our reserves.
Nick Hind looked like he had his zip back again making Alot of dashing runs thru the middle.

Finishing up I just want to mention the bloke named Trevor (who is a helper at training) he is so upbeat always saying hello to everyone and such a polite fella. He seems like someone who really loves his job and responsibilities on the training track.


Oh boy.

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:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

Yes Trev!!


cheers for the report mate. What about parish?

Thanks so much for the report! :slight_smile:

Have thought exactly that whenever I’ve watched the Reserves. Leads well & then has it kicked over his head. (May happen also in the seniors)
Thanks for the report.


He Did a few run throughs , then joined in with the Main group


That’s Trent. They call him Trenta. Lovely lad!

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That’s not a valued attribute to have in out team.

Oh sorry. It sounds like Trevor.
Anyway a very Nice man




Well Zach is back. Can’t wait to watch him on Sunday.

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Good to hear some progress on young Eyre. We have heard little about him for a long time.


We should bring him in.