Training march 20

Going off Scott’s press conference, i dont think Laverde will play. Was very uncommital when he was asked the question. I could’ve just misinterpreted the answer though.

C_H the mer-man.

Quite the visual…

The Kraken wakes, and is self aware.


“Yeah Trent’s shown that he’s got elite qualities in kicking the ball back to our players but what we really like is that we think he can also hand out different coloured bibs. To be honest we’re not sure what his best role is but we’re really excited to have him at the club and we think he’ll be a guy that kicks the ball back to our players for 10 years.”


Trent on the opportunity to train with club veteran and legendary hard trainer Bin: “he’s just such an inspiration, he’s been around forever but you see him out there every session giving his all, never dropping a ball, always sharing the pill around, standing in for the man on the mark when required, he’s just such a great leader and trainer, you literally have to drag him off the ground after every session or he’d stay out there all night.”


Dont we do mid week pressers with players anymore?

Seems it’s only Brad now

we should roll Bin out for a presser some time

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As long as we remember to bring him back in afterward.


More a case of mistaken identity.

Clone Hardy’s pool is not big enough for a Kraken.

Hurls is 33, he’s probably feeling better body wise than he did his whole career. Do you think he forgot how to football because he stopped playing AFL? He used to beat the best players in the comp four out of five times in contested 1v1s and I’d wager he still could.


I blame superfan Darcy.


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Reminds me of when Alex Rance came out of retirement to fill gaps in our VFL team. The guy was by far the best on ground.

Most players retire because they can’t run out the season, not because they can’t play.


Retired too early, he should have spent the last couple of years playing behind a decent midfield and seeing what life as a defender is supposed to be like. Would have been great at Port or the Dogs.


Anyone know if we are planning an open training this school holidays, specifically this week?

Do we go to Adelaide early and train there instead?

Want to take the boy out for a look at Tulla, he’s already bored!!!

10:45am Thursday, there is a light session.

Then next Tuesday at 10:30am is a main session.