Training Monday 13/1/20

Full training taking place now for anyone nearby that may want to pop in.

Considerably smaller modified group today and training at a much higher tempo.
More later.


Great to see that you’re there, @nackers. And a good way to start the thread.

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Great start to a report

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¿Dónde está Mr Zach Merrett?

Can you note if Merrett is in modified group or doing full training now nackers

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He’s currently in the modified group with Heppell, Draper, Zakka and Redman but did join in with the main group in some drills earlier.


This is going to be a great day.

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How’s Redman looking? Is he in the modified group due to that gut-whatever thingy he did?

Anyone know where Stewart is at with his rehab?

Francis watch please

Any boys spotted trying out for the last list spot?

Also an update on mosquito please?


Is Daniher still wearing last night’s clothes? Does he have a beer in hand?


Does this mean hooksy is training?

Cahill watch please how is he going, is he doing all the drills. vocal, good skills?

You’re all a bunch of demanding twats😂


A training report is incomplete with no Nackers

I was at the session today. There were 26 - 27 in the main group for most of the session whilst I was there. Some players from the modified group would go in and out of the main bunch from time to time. Also the first year players would break away on occasion for their instruction. It was hard for me to pick up the all players as there are no numbers on the training shirts.
Francis trained pretty well. Didn’t see Hooker. Gown still in a moon boot. Didn’t see Stewart out there.
Heppell most of the time on the bike. I had to ask some one who it was on the bike as I didn’t initially recognise him.
Mosquito looks good. It surprised me how strong he looks in the upper body. Trained with group at times.
Phillips impressed me with his ruck work and in the marking drills when up against TBell. He was also pretty solid in the running drills. I hope he pushes TBell hard this year.
Draper ran the boundary for a little while.
Redman wasn’t training with the group but he looked ok from what I could see.
Kobe Mutch stayed out on the ground after the session ended to work on specific kicking skills with one of the coaches. I hope he can have an injury free run at it. He deserves a lucky break. Snelling also stayed out doing extra goal kicking from different angles.
Walla took the time to come over and have a chat to two young boys - the only two boys there. He gave his time generously.


You know I’ve probably been to about 6-7 training sessions in Melbourne or over here, over heps career, and every time I’ve been heppell has done nothing but ride a bike and maybe the odd handball drill, even when fit. It seems he’s a very light trainer, would this be fair?


Think he has managed groin issues for a long time