Training Monday 25/5/20 - well sort of


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I am very surprised that they didn’t have a full contact training session today… We will have a limited amount of contact training before round two. Today is wasted.

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People need to calm down.
AFL has stated that each club can only have 2 contact sessions a week… It’s Monday…
Perhaps as we play round 2 on a Sunday our contact training schedule is pushed back compared with Richmond and Collingwood who open the round?


That makes sense.

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How long does it take to practice our kick out strategy?
They probably did that while Nackers was parking his vehicle.


Thanks for this info - did not realise this. (Would however like to see more time spent on practising set shot goal kicking.)


But … but … but …

… Rutten is our savioour

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How much time do we spend practicing this compared to other clubs?

Clearly Woosha’s fault

No idea - but it’s an area that could do with improvement in my opinion.

This is BomberBlitz you realise !!


Bomb to right side wing


It isn’t actually “news”. It’s old, and it’s speculation.

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IF it goes ahead, … the talk is of it being down to 35.

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Run out of credits.

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Totes reckon some clubs would be ignoring this one.

Places where noone watches like Blacktown for example.

lol what a joke

The players are going to be tackling/bumping into each other covered in sweet anyway so it’s pointless.

2nd time today I’ve seen this as a writing of no one.

Auto correct? :thinking:

mmm, sticky.

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Personally the season should be called off already half way through the season I see no point in resuming cant wait till this mickey mouse of a comp is over.