Training Monday 3/12/18


Rubbish you disbeliever!! They have been singing his praises for years



@nackers on track to be the most liked poster in the history of Blitz if he keeps up this standard of work


Yep, he played seven games last year in the VFL (VFL Games). He started the season injured after shoulder surgery during the preseason.

So not a heap of exposed form for anyone to make a decision on. Similar to Gown up forward.


Jeez, Blitz is funny. We may see Jok in a JLT practice match but at this point he doesn’t even have a position and Blitz is just “get him in”.

On the back end of last year we are expecting to make the top 8 if not the top 4 based on improvement in our younger players and adding Daniher and Sheil to the team, but somehow Blitz wants to rush in a long shot based on some VFL highlights and a couple of training reports.

Let’s see if he can dominate in an intra-club match before we pick him on the back of some nice drills at training.


He’d want to do a lot more than dominate an intra club to jump the queue.


It is classic blitz, but a common thread with premiership teams is often a player that “comes from nowhere” and plays a vital role.

It’s preseason, the silliest of seasons


Yeah, cool.

There’s about 10 blokes on our list who wouldn’t surprise anyone if they were in a flag winning side. Probably Hurley, Hooker, Stringer, Zerret, Shiel, Smith, Fanta, Daniher, Tippa, maybe Zaharakis.

Everyone else on our list would have to come out of nowhere to be recognised by other clubs as a gun player.

Nothing against Jok, hopefully he can make an impact like Crameri did, but I think we have a lot more likely candidates ahead of Jok to make the competition think “where did he come from?”. Laverde, Langford, Francis, Parish, Begley, Guelfi to name a few.

I guess just I rate the potential within our list really, really highly - I guess I’m just as silly but in a different way.


You forgot our captain, and most decorated player on our list.


I dunno, racism? Peter Dutton?


Full set of teeth?


Up until the point where he dominates an intra club… what more could he do?

It may be completely beside the point, as I’m pretty sure nobody jumps the queue when Woosha is on the selection panel. Always backs in experience does Woosh.


I don’t see the point you are trying to make quoting me.

Someone said Jok would need to dominate an intra club before we picked him in our side.
I said he would need to do a lot more than that.

Do you disagree?
Have you some other point I missed?


It worked for Sam Grimley… briefly.

(Has to look up his name, again, to write the above.)


Does Jok have the balls?


I was trying to suggest that if he is standing out at training, and then dominates the intraclub, then there will have been nothing else that he could have done up until that point in time to jump the queue.

Look, it’s the off-season and I’ll try and make a conversation out of anything.


All i want for my birthday is a big body mid(field).


Yes agree. The posts of slotting him in on the wing and then scroll down and we’re talking about lack of game sense.


If you want to check on Collingwood fans thinking on Jok.
After all he did play for their VFL team.


Links to BF now.
A sad day.


Yes i wondered if that was taboo. Seems like it is … never mind, life will go on.