Training Monday 3/12/18


What a Jok and balls?


Corrected for accuracy


No one outside of Blitz has a worthwhile opinion on anything. Did you not know this already?


I’m absolutely loving nackers’ work but have to say that DJR standing out in the Casey sleet in the dead of winter providing top shelf VFL coverage is going to take some beating.


Some crappy little pun doesn’t get :100: likes for the one post.

But for the moment I have a 20,200 LIKE lead…

(@Bomb_Doe, however, is in second place and about to run past me like I’m standing still.)


It’s not a competition. We are all winners on Blitz.


I don’t think people recognise how tough it’s going to be getting into the best 22.

We will have some very good players in the VFL for most of the season.


Says the “like” winner.


Yes but @theDJR is crazy and loves it. He’d probably do it if Blitz didn’t exist


He writes his local wrestling reports just for the fun of it!


That’s exactly what someone trying to win a competition would say


The intraclub match is going to be a cracker. Revisit of Australia vs Australia A cricket


I’m just taking it one like at a time.


Must not LIKE.


I see right through you, DJR…


Who will play the Paul Reiffel role?

(Actually, probably several people. They like flipping people mid-game. The question is whether they’ll do it to ensure Essendon win.)


He’s not the messiah


just imagining the probable vs possibles Best 18 Intraclub

B: Saad Hooker Francis
F: Mosquito Brown Gown
HB: McKenna Hurley McGrath
HF: Houlahan Laverde Ham
C: Smith Heppell Zaharakis
C: Guelfi Langford Jok
HF: Stringer Daniher Tippa
HB: Ambrose Zerk-Thatcher Long
F: Baguley McKernan Fantasia
B: Dea Hartley McNeice
R: Bellchambers Zerrett Shiel
R: Draper Parish Myers

Int: Ridley, D Clarke, Clarke Mutch, Lavender, Mynott

Inj: Gleeson, Redman, Begley

Ok possibles will be getting a caning.
And would imagine Langford, parish, Myers would be in the best 22, just adding some midfield depth for Possibles, and MCGrath is probably midfield too. Just with no Gleeson/Redman have slotted him there for now.


Why not put Hepp in a few more times to cover any gaps?
You’ve already got two of him in the side.


There is no Hams either… Just the single Ham.

And yeah, one of your Heppells is probably a Zerrett.

I think the intraclub midfield battle will be fascinating. I have an opinion that if we line them up as a young midfield vs experienced midfield that it would be a very interesting battle.

Bellchambers Myers Heppell
Zaharakis Shiel Smith


Draper Parish Zerrett
McGrath Langford Guelfi

and maybe a cobbled together version might go alright as well.

Zlarke Stringer Dlarke
Fantasia Mutch Ridley