Training Monday 3/12/18


I’d say nickers has nackers pretty well covered.


If there’s one thing I have learnt in all these years here, it’s that Blitz doesn’t do expectations tempering.


he was meant to be zerrett


Danny Younan, Heath Hocking, James Ferry, Alex Boyce…


Not in training threads. In match day threads however there’s expectations-tempering by the shedload.


Forgotten which thread it was, but mystery players were noted at training. Don’t know if it’s been reported here already but the AWFUL have an article about clubs inviting academy boys to train. Essendon: Andrew Courtney, Emerson Jeka, Ryan Gardner


Good find.

Was from the Zlarke video and thread


Emerson Jeka… there is a name that would fit our draft strategy.


Jerka! Over 'ere! JERKA!


But which Jerka?
The Team America type of the Graeme Jenkins type?


I was running with “Jubby”

Like Jubby Jeka


From the one game I watched. Vfl finial against us he was extremely raw. But extremely talented. Training great is one thing, playing great is another.

He has massive potential, but a long way to go in learning positioning, reading the play etc.

Sounds like a very intelligent guy from his interviews. So he may come on quickly. Would be great if he managed a game or two next year.


I think I remember seeing him play against earlier in the year when we played Collingwood at Windy Hill as well as the preliminary final and was impressed by some of the things he did.

Yes he’s extremely raw but also remember he was also playing mostly in the ruck against an opponent 10cm and 20kg bigger with only a handful of VFL games to his name.


I reckon the probable team would beat any other AFL teams probables.

Goes to show we have amassed a good amount of depth.


What are Langford and Parish doing in that team ?


Playing football I think.

But for the wrong team obviously.


I said best 18’s
so rather than sit on the pine they were having a run in the other team to give it a chop out.
it was selectively quoted.
Also Myers, Parish, langford have all played some VFL so would know Drapers ruck work a bit better than others.



And if we’re being realistic Myers as well. That aside it’s a very nice observation. Genuine depth, the question is who is going to buy in to the role without reservation? We’d be close to most talented on paper across the board but it means nothing unless the method is good and ingrained.





Nothing wrong with it, of course.