Training Monday November 11 - anticipation

Just read the article on Snelling and it states training starts on Monday. Can anyone confirm, as it is one of the few times we will be in Melbourne and would love to watch!

I believe it is only the noobies, not the full list.

Pre-season training is actually the highlight of Essendon’s year.


Sounds hot.

Oh wait, I read your post wrong


If it was the other thing, even I would turn up.

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We can carpool. I’ll meet you at the wife-basher F&C

My early prediction is Mozzie will not be training shirtless.


un beaten last year if recall correctly!


all good until we get:

“and XXXX has been carried off. I didn’t see what happened. Someone said they landed awkwardly. One of the assistants looked concerned and was shaking their head. Hopefully it’s nothing serious.”


Didn’t we lose the intraclub?

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That’s ok … we are nobodies as well

So the non noobies then can’t possibly get a full preseason.

Am looking forward to the high quality in depth sometimes ‘live’ commentary including weather update training reports.
Thank you in advance.


It was wet, with periods of rain and periods of precipitation.

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Can’t wait to read the reports about how often the ball hits the ground, targets are frequently missed and how the skills are deplorable in general.

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How fat is Mozzie!!

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If he geniunely has a Dean Rioli like rig, and goes shirtless, he instantly becomes my favourite ever Essendon player.

That would be the most alpha thing any Essendon player has ever done.


FWIW I thought he was too big last year. To make matters worse he has a very poor engine and I believe the weight contributed to the strength of his hamstring.

If he can quickly get to peak fitness he is so close to best 22 it’s not funny.

Has his own postcode.

When asked to touch his toes, he said “where are they?”

His shadow weighs 8-kilos.

They took his jumper in to be dry cleaned and they said, “we don’t do curtains”.

He wears a t-shirt saying ‘I beat anorexia’.

We don’t know who he ate - but we’re doing a team head count.

He can’t go skinny dipping.

He sucks in his gut when on the scales, so he can read the numbers.

He said he was going to lose 10 kilos this year… and now he’s only got 14 kilos to go.


Even if nobody on here goes to training can someone just make some stuff up and post it on here? The in-seasons have been so crap for so long, I live for this off season training fluff-stuff.