Training Notes: December 5, 2018


You should get a silly red jacket. Works for me.


Really enjoyed the coach perspective vid. More! More! More!


Shame it is not captioned.


Flippin hell we’re lucky to have people reporting on this stuff. Tremendous work, once again! It’s much appreciated. :+1:t2:


Great post. Thank you :slight_smile:


I like the idea of giving young guys an appreciation of the real world, post high school, even if it is just for a week.

Gives them an idea of how lucky they are, and a bit of a warning too, if you ask me.

Maybe next week they should have spend a day or two at FarkCarlton to give them an appreciation of what a functional club looks like.


I agree but thought asking the question wouldn’t hurt as it may be difficult to practice said drills inside. I’m sure there’s strategy going on behind closed doors in the meetings and what not but some clubs, Hawthorn, Saints, Richmond etc have been going through these things in the early sessions of pre season. I’d expect more of this to come later in the more intense match simulation but it needs work early on too.


The whole point of the hangar being the size it is is being able to do full-ground drills inside.


Mosquito and Gown have been training at night with the VFL team. Not sure why


Work during the day?






I’ve never seen a mosquito during the day.


It was mentioned somewhere that the club have them doing some work experience on some construction site


Someone has to do the extension to our headquarters


Daytime mosquitoes are the ones that transmit Dengue fever.
So if you do see one be afraid, be very afraid.


…oh! Dengue




Where’s the 6 December notes?


I took the day off.