Training Notes: December 5, 2018


Thanks mate


Thank you - all training reports & additiional insights are fantastic!! Very lucky to have Blitzers willing to do this.


Pssssst…that wasn’t a fishing rod :wink:


Thankyou good report
Was joe sprinting in the 4x 100 straights?


hey Decko, your training reports are brilliant but don’t ever suggest you have anything at all in common with St Francis of Essisi, the Patron Saint of Flags & Medals.


Cheers for the reports @Deckham and @nackers much appreciated. Are you able to tell me if we’re doing many drills or working on some new strategy around the new rule changes? For example, a kick in strategy given the new rules around bring the ball into play after a point. Or 6-6-6 clearance strategy to take advantage of even numbers in our forward line after a centre bounce. Or another clearance strategy. The game style seems evident, if not predictable but I’m hoping we’re working on some strategy around rules that SHOULD suit us.


I would expect drills like that to be happening in the Hangar rather than outside in full view.


Really appreciate the reports.


We are fortunate indeed.

Looking forward to tomorrow’s December 6, 2018 report.


This is the main point l took from this excellent training report. It is most encouraging and l would like to see how well it translates to our game plan for 2019. Views from other trainer/watcher would be appreciated.


Nothing like well executed skills to give you the advantage. The opposite of course kills you every time.


This is great with Woosha


Onya Woosh

A side of him most don’t get to see.

Good kudos for Smack - “safest kick at the club” and he dobbed it. Fair to say Woosh the coach whose got the best out of him in his careers so far.

And someone noted in the training report Jok was not doing well with ground balls. Instant feedback there and then gets it done. Nice.

Mozzie and co on a tradie site for the week


Thanks for the reports.
So mentioned in the video there that the new draftees are doing some manual labor work this week, might be a new induction type passage they have the first year players.
I’m glad to see we are doing more ball movement stuff this year, the trainings i went to last year seemed to be mostly stoppage based with a big emphasis on getting the ball out of congestion.


Landscaping Woosha’s backyard?


Perfect training reports thank you.

Just like being there


That stuff about Francis shrugging off three tacklers and getting away the handball is awesome. It is something our team has been lacking since Jobe, although Langford showed signs last year. It will be great if more players can develop the strength and composure to do it.


Stringer in a bucket hat.


I have noticed a few drills that may be tied into the new positioning rule set - though they may not be entirely due to it. There have been a few drills - midfield drills in particular, where players would spread to a point then run back in to contest a ball, and similar. I think closer to the start of the season, it will become a bit more refined and particular.


It really is good stuff, ain’t it?

oh and ■■■!!! Ima famous!!!
At 0:49 & 1:06 you can distinctly see me - just there off Whooshas left should…there…yep…clearly…that black spot.